Monday, July 21, 2014

Preview Hottest Celebrity Wedge Hair Cuts

Most of you are probably scratching your chin wondering what the heck a wedge hair cut is. Frankly I myself was confused by the term, but after searching around I learned that this new trendy wedge cut is actually a very popular cut which many celebrities today can be seen wearing.

The wedge cut in my opinion resembles a feathery Japanese Anime type cut that reminds me of Zelda (yes, the video game character).

A wedge cut basically consists of cutting your hair very short at the back of your head, and leaving the front slightly longer.

Her is a list of celebrities who sport the look.

1. Dorothy Hamill, as seen in this photograph definitely resembles Zelda. Although it looks fairly well on her, it looks like a wig to me.

2. Jenny McCarthy sports the wedge cut in a much neater polished fashion. Click to view.
3. Nicole Richie wears a nice slick polished wedge cut as seen here. It looks fairly beautiful on her due to the pin straight high beam gloss she has going on.

4. Rihanna is well known for keeping her hair in a gorgeous wedge cut. She has also been seen with her wedge cut in curls, which is equally as beautiful. Check out her usual trendy wedge cut here.
5. Victoria Beckham has also been wearing her hair in a neat extremely short wedge cut for quite some time. On her it looks fabulous due to her extremely small figure.

A word to the wise- if you have a wide face, cutting your hair as short as Victoria's will actually make you look fatter than what you are.

The wedge cut originally gained popularity back in the mid 1970s. It's a style that has pretty much stuck around for quite some time.

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