Sunday, July 27, 2014

Nintendo Wii, the Best, the Worst & the Less Than Worthy Games

As much as I love plopping down in front of my television set to play my Nintendo Wii, I must say, that there are times that I get mad, and end up wanting to throw my Wii mote at the TV.

Because more than half of the games I have played so far for the console have sucked. Some games suck so bad that I couldn't even play them for longer than 20 minutes without turning the console off and returning the game to it's rightful owner. Blockbuster.

I'd say 60% of them are not even worth a rent. 20% are worth a rent, and the other 30% are actually worth a purchase.

I've played my fair share of Wii games, so thanks to the ideas of my good friend Dave, I decided to compile a list of games that are actually worth a purchase, and a list of games that are worth a rent, and a list of games that you should just avoid completely.

My List Of Purchase Worthy Games:

It's a sad small list, mainly because Wii has yet to release many games.

1. Super Mario Galaxy.
This game by far is probably the best game that Nintendo has released for the console yet. It's action packed, and takes gamers and fans of Mario to a whole new galaxy. Literately. In this game you have to win back the galaxies from the dark enemy forces. (Bowser and his evil clan). Gaming is flawless, graphics are beautiful, and it has a super high re-play value.
2. Super Paper Mario
Two Thumbs up to Nintendo for releasing a Mario game worthy of purchasing. This game is a 2D and 3D game that is sure to please anyone who plays. The controls are also flawless, and the gaming is just straight up fun.
This game is a bit more difficult then Super Mario Galaxy, but it is definitely worth a purchase. The re-play value is not as high as the newest Mario release, but it is still in my opinion worth the $49.99 I paid for it.
3. Mario Party 8
It seems that Nintendo's best games are Mario based titles. I don't mind though, so long as it rocks.
Mario Party 8 makes it to the worthy of a purchase list because it is a game that the entire family can enjoy. The game consists of mini games that you compete against other players for a chance at winning coins. The player with the highest coins/stars at the end of the mini game wins. This game rocks because the re-play value is out the roof. Whenever you're bored, stuck inside on a rainy or snowy day, you could easily widdle hours away in some good wholesome fun with the entire family.
4. The Sims 2 Castaways
I'm a huge fan of the Sims so it is no big shock that this title would make it to my worthy of a purchase list. If you saw Tom Hanks in Castaway, then you pretty much can get the gist of this game. Basically that's what happens in The Sims 2 Castaway. Although the graphics are a bit lacking, and the sounds can get annoying, it is still fun gathering, collecting, and building things for your Sim Castaway.
5. Elebits
Oh snap, I nearly forgot about this awesomely bodacious game. This game is basically a first person shooter game with a cute, quirky colorful twist. You shoot elebits to collect electricity. Each board you must collect a certain amount of electricity in order to continue on to the next board. It may sound easy, but it does get tough. Not too tough though.
The game has light re-play value, but it is worth a buy in my opinion.
Games Worthy Of A Rent:
1. Mario and Sonic at the Olympic Games
I rented this one last weekend. It was worth the rent, but definitely not a buy. This game is basically a bunch of Olympic themed games compiled into a bunch a mini games. Here you compete for the gold medal, silver, or bronze.
I liked the game, but to be honest, if I didn't have a human partner to play up against, it would of sucked. It is fun ONLY if you have REAL friends.
In this game expect to compete in running tournaments, pole jumping, swimming, and other Olympic games.
2. Rayman Raving Rabbids 1 and 2
I will admit that I was disappointed at how Rayman was born into mini games... I used to love the colorful adventures I once went on with Rayman in old playstation games. After playing the games though, I liked it. Both titles are just as fun as the last. The games consist of mini games compiled into one big game.
Neither game though is worth a buy in my opinion. There are just not enough mini games to be worthy of high re-play value. Rent wise though, the titles rock.
3. My Sims
The game would have high re-play value if it was a good game. Sadly though, things get so boring and repetitive so quickly, that you end up using the disc as a table coaster.
It is however worth a rent only because it is fun for the first 5 to 8 hours. After you get sick of repeating the same tasks over and over again though... you no longer want to play it. Rent worthy yes, purchase worthy, no.
4. Big Brain Academy: Wii Degree
This game is fun, but definitely not worth a purchase. The game is basically a bunch of brain teasers. You have to complete the teasers, and answer questions. You will be surprised at how smart... and in some cases...stupid you really are. Tee-hee.
The re-play value is light, and therefore not really worth a $49.99 purchase.
Games That Just Plain Suck:
1. Sonic and the Secret Rings
I was all hyped for this game. When I actually got my hands on it though , I completely hated it. The controls were horrible, and the action was so fast paced that I nearly broke out into a seizure. The game is too frigging hard, and with messy controls, everything just sucked. Not even worth an $8.00 rent.
2. Rampala Trophies
Gag! This was the first game I managed to get my hands on after I bought my Wii. It also left a bad taste in my mouth, and made me wonder if wii gaming was straight up going to suck ALL of the time. The fishing game concept was cool, but this one is definitely not cool. Not by a long shot.
3. Wii Play
This game sucks so bad. It is basically a spin off of Wii Sports. It's a bunch of sucky mini games thrown into a disc. The game comes with a wii mote, but honestly, you may as well just buy a wii mote, and skip on spending $10.00 more.
The only game worth any re-play is the laser hockey. For the price they ask for the title though, it's not worth it for one round of laser hockey. Sucky, suckitty suck!
4. Cooking Mama Cook Off
Gag! They are actually making a part 2 of this horrendous game. Odds are this one was the sucky beta version, and part 2 will fix the flaws that part one came with. Oh the flaws... they run deep in this piece of crap game. The controls suck, the graphics suck... the game just sucks.
5. Dewy's Adventure
I hate Dewy's Adventure. The game tricked me. I based the games worth on its cover art, and the cover art was and is adorable. A raindrop with a mission. How -uh-dorable.
Everything was adorable, till I began playing the game. The controls threw me off right away, and the action got too difficult and too intense for me to even consider liking it.
It was 10 minutes into gaming that I was blowing a fit, getting angry, and cussing. It has a Monkey Ball Z type controls, where rolling is your means to getting from point A to point B. For me it was a difficult pinball game thrown into a Wii game and given a cute title and cover art.

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