Friday, July 18, 2014

How to Charge Your Sidekick LX, If the Charger Port Has Broken

OK, so in the past all I have done was complain about my Sidekick LX, and I never realized how good I had it till I thought that she was a goner. That's right, my Sidekick LX internal charging port broke. I jam the charger in too hard, and I ended up damaging the small golden metal pieces inside of the phone.

So...the phone wouldn't charge anymore. Great! Wonderful! A few weeks prior though, I saw that Tmobile had them up for grabs for $30.00 for the LX phones, so I wandered on over there, only to find that they no longer carry them. Wow. I thought I hated my phone, and now I was missing it more than ever, and the reason was because when I called customer service, they tried locking me back up into a 2 year contract for some ugly phone. On top of that though, my sidekick plan would now be useless, and they would not hook me up with a phone with the same plan. I was paying only $45.00 a month. If I chucked the sidekick, I would have to pay $80.00 for the exact same features, unlimited text, and Internet, with a 300 minute plan.

I scrambled for ideas, I thought of buying a new phone on eBay, but they were charging as much as paid for the stupid thing 3 years ago.

I began searching for alternative ways to perhaps charge the phone. Sadly no charging cradles were available.

Then I came across something that solved my problem, only it may not be the solution for everyone. If you are desperate though, you can spend $6.00 on a universal mobile battery charger. You can find these devices online for really cheap, and they work.

The downside however is that every time you need to charge your Sidekick, you have to remove the battery and place it into the universal charger. It is annoying, but if you have no other options, and you do not want to buy a new sidekick, then this is the easiest solution you have.

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