Friday, July 18, 2014

Jersey Shore, Season 2, Episode 4: Recap

Sorry folks, but I see this season being the last season. On this weeks season 2, episode 4 of Jersey Shore we pretty much go over the same routine as last week. Ronnie and Sammi are back to loving one another... quickly though we get the same piggly wiggly squeals of Sammi soon hating Ron, then Ron hating her, then they love each other. It's bland, it's old, move on, let's go.

Meanwhile, we find out Snooki's lover back home 'F'ed another girl'. That's how he puts it over the phone to her, she hangs up, barely distraught, not that she should be anyways, seeing that she and Vinny had their own little bean bag, to the bedroom romp a week before.

Anyhow, with all this cheating going around, Sammi and Ron at this point are lovers again, Sammi however keeps trying to pry and dig up some dirt on Ronni, and she has this hunch the girls know he is creeping, so consistently she asks them, and consistently they lie.

JWOW and Snooki decided that enough is enough and try to get Angelina to confess to what Ronni has been up to at the club. Angelina does not want to be the snitch, and when she is asked by Sammi in a little one on one to tell her if Ronni is up to no good, viewers think that Angelina might spill the beans. But alas, she does not.

JWOW and Snooki though move on to plan B, and go to an Internet cafe where they type up an anonymous letter to Sammi about the wrongdoings of Ronni.

Before she even gets that letter though, Sammi is already mad at him for coming home late, or something of that nature, my guess is as good as yours, she seems mad about everything about him.
Anyhow, we move on to game night where the crew decides to stay home and play a game where a question is written down anonymously by another person. You reach in the bowl, pull out a question and you have to answer it.

Nothing thrilling happens here, we basically learn that Ronnie has cheated on a girl before, and naturally we watch Sammi go all psychotic again...the crazy eyebrow lift.

Nothing really exciting happened this week, besides maybe the phone call Snooki gets from her beau back home.

We end the episode with a few club visits, Ronni still creeping, Sam still whining, and the guys in the house saying that Ronni has changed a lot since last summer.

You think?!

I seriously wouldn't even be watching this if it weren't for the premiers sneak peek with JWOW and Sammi getting into a brawl. Let's just hope MTV does not make us wait till the final episode.

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