Friday, July 18, 2014

Jersey Shore, Season 2, Episode 3: Recap

I'm sorry Miami Shore, (AKA Jersey Shore, season 2) is failing to impress me this season, with the non stop whining from Sam, and the non-stop focus on the Sam and Ronni relations. Yawn. Enough is enough in that department.

When they brought Angelina back into the mix, I thought the show would suck, but as it turns out, I'm having a better time watching her antics than I am anyone else.

At any rate, you came here for episode 3, season 2, of Jersey Shore, so here we go, sorry about my rant like intro.

We begin this episode basically right where we left off on episode 2, when Angelina slapped Pauly and followed both him and Mike outside to continue on her drunken rage like squabbling. Sadly she is outnumbered and gets a loud mouthy fest of yelling from both Mike and Pauly. Eventually JWOW enters the scene, and complains that the yelling woke her up.

Now initially as a viewer, and knowing JWOW's past history, I sort of just figured she would smack Angelina and shut her up. Instead everyone heads inside, leaving Angelina outside alone looking stupid and confused. JWOW of course puts in one final lackluster blow about how she would beat Angelina down if she was not drunk. Yeah, spare me... show me the fists!!!

Anyhow, the following morning, instead of focusing on the aftermath of the Angelina and Pauly situation, we head on over to the gelato shop where Vinny and JWOW are working.Nothing remarkable happens here. JWOW complains about the uniform, and Vinny happily scoops gelato.
Now back to the situation at hand.
Angelina is sitting on the couch near Mike, and goes on to tell him she does not know why everyone is ignoring her, that she was drunk and remembers nothing from last night. Yeah sure. It's the best plot we have going on though, so I take it for what it is.

Mike explains what happened, and Angelina is shocked, or acting as shocked as possible. She decides to seek out Pauly to apologize to him about what happened. He takes her apology, but you can tell by his loud tone, and annoyed demeanor that h does not really mean it. Pauly does however let her know, bitterly that he wants her to go her way, and him to go his way, and that he does not want to hang out with her. Bing, bang... boom.

Next we shoot on over to a local Miami barbershop where Vinny and Ronni are getting haircuts. Why this scene was even thrown in there is beyond me. Apparently their 15 minutes of fame made them boring, or maybe MTV is tying to squash them by delivering boring footage.

Now back at the house, Mike and Pauly call a house meet where the 2 discuss allowing Angelina into the crowd of girls. We never got an inside look at why the change of heart, but it is obvious that they are looking to pawn her off to the girls, so they do not have to deal with her.

Later on that night at a club, Snooki makes the first bold move at trying to accept Angelina into the crowd. Now last week MTV fed us some footage that tried tricking us into thinking that Angelina declined apologizing for her talking poorly of the rest of the cast last year. Instead what we got though was Angelina apologizing t Snooki, and JWOW for her bad mouthing. After the apology, everyone is good with one another, and they go and dance, and have a good time.

Meanwhile, the cameras shoot on over to Ronni and Sam. Sam is sitting down looking aggravated with usual. I'm sorry, but the puss on her face would have annoyed me too. Ronni is not having it either apparently, he calls her a B word, and tells her to go home.

Sam who clearly does not like the night life, decides to go home. She makes her way to her bed, where she pouts about it till Ronni comes home and asks to smooch.

Little did she know that he was bumping and grinding on every girl at the club who gave him any attention. Once again, he swapped spits with some random. It's only a matter of time till we see small herpes bumps forming on his mouth.

Anyhow, while Ronni cuddles up in Sam's bed, Snooki and Vinny are drunkenly flirting while sitting on a bean bag chair. The nasty part is that while Snooki is groping at Vinny, she is also on the phone with her boyfriend.

The two eventually end up in Vinny's room, where they make whoopie. That is basically the highlight in this episode.

The following morning
We coast on over to the gelato shop where we watch Ronni admiring Sammi's gelato scooping skills. We cut to some one on one with Ronni and the camera alone, where he goes into small details about what he loves about Sam.

That day at the shop, he tells her that she is his girlfriend. Silly, naive Sam... you start to feel sorry for her at this point, because she smiles, and more than likely, they will smooch later on.

Later that night
Mike, Vinny and Pauly dub it MVP night, as it is convenient considering their names begin with those letters. Angelina however wants to intrude on MVP night by inviting herself along, even though its quite obvious they do not want her present.

They ditch her, and leave her behind, and end up in a local club, where all of them dub the place full of grenades.

Instead of moving on to another club, the guys stake out the place and bring home some girls who I suppose they considered not as grenadish.

They bring a few girls home, and they all hop into the hot tub. Pauly is flirting with a girl heavily, while Mike and Vinny sit back and realize that there is a hot tub full of grenades. A final highlight occurs when one of the girls fake gel boob is found floating around the jacuzzi, and everyone laughs, and makes fun of it. It's obvious who's it is, as the camera keeps zooming in on her. Poor girl, she was the prettiest one they found too.

The following morning we have Sam and Ronni laying in bed together looking all cozy. The guys are all going out though, and they want Ronni to come. He says he is not going, but then swiftly changes his mind and decides to go. Sammi is mad, as usual, and pouts in bed again.

Ronni goes out, and creeps on other girls, this time though, Snooki and JWOW see him acting out this way, and contemplate on telling Sam. Snooki decides to confront Ronni, and he slightly pushes her away. Tah dah.

This weeks highlights:
Snooki and Vinny have sex
A gel boob floats in the jacuzzi

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