Thursday, July 17, 2014

How Well Does the Farmville Application Work on an iPad? Find Out Here

Ah, my guilty pleasure; plopping down in front of the computer working on my farm in Farmville, when really I should be working. I hate to say it, and am embarrassed to admit it, but yes, I am a Farmville addict. Not a day goes by where I am not checking in to harvest crops, see what gifts my friends have sent me, and checking the market to see if the game developer's added any new must have content, such as decorations or new animals that I can throw on to my oh-so-over packed-farm.

When I was given an iPad this past holiday, I hate to admit it, but one application I knew I must add to my iPad would be Farmville. Low and behold, to my utter surprise the game was featuring a new Farmville HD application. I figured I would love this, and felt I was now ahead of the game, in comparison to my friends who ere still clunked down in front of their PCs watering crops, or sending gifts. I had the iPad, I felt like a I could now send those dang iPhone only gifts, you know?

The white apple tree, rainbow barrel and a small selection of other elite iPhone/iPad user content.

Well the joke was on me. As soon as I began to maneuver around my farm on the iPad, I realized pretty quickly that this application downright sucked.

So here it is folks, a play by play list of what sucks about the Farmville application on the iPad.
1. You are basically only going to be able to harvest your crops, plow your crops, and plant seeds, and that is if the stupid application will allow you to do so. At times the connection will fart out randomly for no reason. This is only in this game, only in this App. No other game farts out quite as often as this one thus far on my iPad.

2. You won't be able to send those gnarly iPhone/iPad user items to your friends. Whenever I try to do so, it says the connection is interrupted and the game is out of sync and begins to reload. I have tried it multiple times with the same error time after time.

3. Not all of your content on your farm will load up. You will forever see annoying 'loading' arrows on top of spots where your trees, or animals would normally reside.

4. If you find a mystery egg in your coop, the game will go out of sync if you try to post it onto your facebook wall. Don't even bother.

5. Your gifts that you normally have in your inventory will not show up. Mine only shows the first 3 gifts I have, and will not let me scroll across the screen to the rest o my goods.

6. Gifts that you normally collect in the game will not show up. When you check to see if anyone sent you something, it will always state nothing has been sent. If you sign on to your farm on your PC, you will fin that indeed you have gifts waiting to be accepted.

In all honesty the list of kinks goes on and on, and at this point, no the Farmville HD App for the iPad is not even worth hogging up space on your device. Zynga will likely iron out these glitches over time, but until then, do not bother with it unless you are interested in only harvesting, plowing, and planting seeds, as that seems to be the only angle in the game working somewhat properly.

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