Thursday, July 17, 2014

The Sims 3 Outdoor Living Stuff Pack Heading to Stores This February 2011!!!

I was hoping to see EA releasing information about a new expansion pack for The Sims 3, but I am pretty excited that they announced a stuff pack just as well.

Fans have been begging for outdoor activities for our Sims, as there is not much to do outside and most of us ended up playing the game the same way we played the previous titles; all indoors with not much of a reason to leave the homes. The latest Late Night expansion pack allowed us to go outdoors more, but the game focuses too much on celebrity status and fame than actual outdoor fun activities, and the only thing there is to do at night is travel to bars, which once again all focus on an indoor atmosphere.
When they announced Outdoor Living Stuff, I hoped that this little stuff pack would pack up more than just the same old, same old. Well things seem to be new-ish? The hot tub was already delivered to us with the Late Night pack, so the news of new hot tubs is nothing that spectacular, as they will function the same, just look differently.

The new stuff pack will also feature a fully functional outdoor kitchen, which is cool if you wanted to build some super awesome outdoor pool house type area for your lavish Sims.

Other items will include new clothing, but I have never been too big of a fan on any EA created clothing content, as designers who provide clothing for download online seem to always be up on them by like 100 steps when it comes to being visually enhancing to the game.

Anyhow, fire pits will also be included in this pack, which is cool, but we have that already and my Sims never seem to really make use of it unless directed to do so. Even community fire pits go unused in my game.

What I am hoping to see?

Well since my mind is already thinking about the 'wants' I would like to see included in this Outdoor Living Stuff Pack, I may as well sound off on my Simming desires.

1. A Volleyball Court
This is just something I would love to see added. I built myself a nice little community beach, with picnic baskets, BBQ grills, towels, a bar, and an outdoor pool and hot tub all with waterfront views, on a nice sandy beach.

It would be excellent to see a volleyball net added so my Sims have something else to do besides order drinks and go swimming in the pool. It would be nice to see EA focus more on the beach in general, as in boats, and letting us swim in the ocean!
Perhaps digging toys for the kids as well?

2. Pool Floats
My Sims never even bother with the pool, and frankly I never even bother sending them into one due to the fact that there is nothing to do there except swim, or have breath holding contests. Pool floats would just be cool to see as well, or more in pool games like Marco Polo, which was in the last game. I have also never experienced any Sims pushing others into the pool. More around the pool features would be appreciated.

3. Basketball Court
This was offered in both the original and the second game, having the hoop back would just be neat, and yet another reason for me to send the Sims outside.

4. Tree Houses
My Sims kids would love this, as they are always, in every game, looked over. The swing set, slide, and hideous looking fort thing is just not cutting it for my Sim kids anymore. A tree house which would help them build skill would be neat. Also having them collect things to actually build the tree house would be neat too, it would allow us to focus on the kids more. Sort of like when your Sims collect stones, why not parts too like adults Sims do at the dump? Come on EA, give something to our kids.

5. Community Celebrity Visits or Community Holiday Party's
They did it in the Sims 2, so why not in the Sims 3? I still think that the community court yard should feature more than protests, or random Sims on guitars or drums. Why not spruce it up and add something fun like celebrations for holidays, or celebrity visits? Give our Sims a reason to go out and participate in such things. I mean hell, they have it down in Animal Crossing. Why is this so hard for EA to incorporate!?

4th of July celebrations, Holiday community celebrations, Easter egg hunts, trick or treating, and so on. Why does everything have to be so political, just add it already!

My final request is one that has nothing to do with outdoor objects or activities, what I would like to see is something fixed.

Whenever my male Sims get a female Sim pregnant, and he does not live with her, he has no way of seeing his child unless he goes to visit, or invites said Sim over. This is annoying, and I would like to see weekend visits set up. I have one male who is known for spreading his seed about, if you know what I mean, and there have been times when the mother of his child will not even answer his call or even open the door for him, especially if he is caught cheating. It's like holding his child hostage, which sucks. I'd like to see visitation or weekend visits set up in this game so such Sims could establish a relationship with their children.

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