Wednesday, July 23, 2014

What I Want from VH1- Rock of Love Bus: The 'I Want Ashley' Show Psst...VH1, Give Ashley Her Own Show!

I predicted the Real Chance of Love show a year before VH1 even began discussing it. I also predicted that Daisy from Rock of Love 2 would get her own show...but for the first time ever I REALLY want the most recent kicked off contestant from the Rock of Love Bus; Ashely to get her own show!
I'm apparently not the only one. I have come across numerous forums pleading for Ashley to get her own show.

Why? What makes Ashley soooo glamou-fabulous?
Man where to even start?!

I definitely agree with Bret Michaels when he stated that Ashley totally has this Juliet Lewis vibe going on. Ashley has this classical look about her, and even though she may be covered from tit to toe in tattoos she still looks like a classical beauty.

Besides her obvious sex appeal, Ashely can be as sweet as a kitten, and as wicked as a witch when need be. She's got the spicy attitude when provoked, and has a flirty addicting personality that not only men find attractive, but women do as well.

Hell I'm no lesbian, but serve me Ashley on a dish and that hot momma is beyond edible. She's simply scrumptious!

When I wrote an old article on wanting Chance from I Love New York to get his own show, I thanked my lucky stars when VH1 heard my wishes and granted me and numerous fans an excellent show with not only Chance, but his brother Real as well.

So VH1, if you're reading this, hear my newest plea.

I was not wrong about the last show being a hit, because damn sure it was... hear my plea's VH1 when I ask for Ashley to get her own show!

I'd obviously call it the I Want Ashley Show, and hey, why not throw in her blond BFF from the Rock of Love Bus show as well? That'd really steam things up!

Ashley by far has been on of the most addicting contestants that I believe any VH1 love show has ever had, to NOT feature this blond beauty in her own show would be like selling yourself short, and your audience! So come on VH1, hear me!

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