Sunday, July 27, 2014

I Love New York 2: New York Sends Home the Entertainer

I have been following the I Love New York show since it first began airing last year. I fell in love with the bold, outspoken, bombshell since she first landed a spot on Flavor of Love.
Sadly though New York was dumped not once, but twice by Flava. Producers decided to give Tiffany (New York) her own spin-off show, in hopes that she (like Flava) could find love on her own reality show.
New York thought she found love in season one of the I Love New York show. As any fan knows though, it just didn't work out to her advantage. I Love New York 2 was born, and New York was back...looking for love yet again.
This season is a bit shaky for me, as I truly do not sense a connection between her and any of the guys on the show. Tailor Made seems to be the only guy on the show that would bend over backwards for her...but for me, he seems fake, and odds are she's going to send him packing for being too nerdy.
Right now if you have been following, you already know that there are only 3 guys left in the show. Tailor Made, Punk, and Buddha; who she should of sent packing this week.
Instead though, New York sent The Entertainer home. She didn't send him home though in the nicest of fashions. In fact, she called him a loser before sending him packing!
You see The Entertainer (Frankie) still lives at home in his parents basement. I don't think New York dropped the L bomb because of that (I'm sure it was a small part of it), I think she sent him packing because of the verbal altercations that occurred between her mother and The Entertainers mother.
I was a bit offended for him, and I was surprised he even went up to her to give her a hug goodbye after being called a loser on national television.
I used to like New York, but after that ridiculous speech about how she's moving to the top, and how Frankie is a loser, sort of left a bad taste in my mouth. The only reason she's heading to the top of the D list is because of her fans. New York should of realized that The Entertainer also has fans (otherwise he would of never been voted onto the show) before she went spatting that nonsense out of her mouth.

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