Sunday, July 27, 2014

Make My Own Monster Kit for Kids by FAO Schwarz Drawings Brought to Life

When I first heard about this interesting and unique concept from FAO Schwarz I had to check it out for myself. According to the buzz the word was that your child could create their very own monster by drawing it on paper, sending it in to FAO, wait...and eventually have the monster they created on paper sent to them in the mail.
Their drawing is transferred into a plush stuffed animal for them to cherish for years.
I thought this was cool, extremely unique, and called just about everyone I knew who had kids to let them know about this. My niece and nephew love drawing, but knowing they could have their drawings transformed into plush monsters was probably the coolest thing they heard of.
My sister of course wanted to know more. I gathered up all of her questions and hit the internet seeking out everything I could about the Monster Kits. The first question on her mind, and I am sure on anyone who reads this... is, how much will this custom made plush monster cost?
Gulp* I nearly dribbled a tear from my eye when I had to call my sister back and tell her that this monster kit would run her $249.00. I was also a bit embarrassing to find that the kits were out of stock. I emailed FAO and asked them if and when the monster kits would be back for sale... and if they were to come back, would there be enough time for the monsters to come in the mail before Christmas.
I never got that email back, so I imagine that the Monster Kits are not going to be available for Christmas, and even if the kits were back in stock it is doubtful that the plushes would be customized, and ready for Christmas delivery.
Boo for us who were a bit late and recently found out about these custom made monsters.
The price tag may be ridiculously high, but I am still very, very interested in getting my hands on a kit and making one with my niece and nephew. A group project that would be worth it in the end (till the kids fight over who gets to keep the monster).
I am sure that after the holiday rush the Make It Yourself Monster Kits will be back in stock, and who knows, the price may even slightly drop after the holiday.
I know some people are now going to be in this huge rush to go out and purchase the kit after the holiday is over. Honestly though it is a creation that will last for years, and the kids will cherish it, because they, after all, created the monster.
Your child can also add a brief description of the monster, and his name. The description will be added to the monsters tag, as will his name. Your child name (the creator) will also be added to the tag.
You can check out some monster plush's, their creators, and the original drawings by clicking here. You have to admit it, it's pretty frigging cool right?

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