Sunday, July 13, 2014

I Returned a Broken Wii U Console, Game is Stuck. No One Will Reimburse Me!

My Nintendo Wii U Console, is no less than 20 days old. It ran, played and kept me entertained; that is until the game pad died on juice. But all was well in my universe. I fought the hungry crowds of Nintendo fan boys, and ended up being one of the lucky ones. One of the ones who happened to grab a console a few days after it hit shelves.

In the middle of loading Assassins Creed 3, the screen on my TV turned white, and the game and console no longer responded. I could not power it off, I could not return to the main menu.

I did what anyone would do with no other options left, I had to unplug the console from its power source. Little did I know that by doing so, I would be thrown into the statistic of those who now have broken Nintendo Wii U game consoles. A dreaded title known as, 'Nintendo Wii U, Red Light of Death'.

Have no fear!

The game is less than 20 days old, and my Best Buy receipt is still within the exchange policy. Thank God! I did not want to send it back to Nintendo to have them toy with it, and try to fix it while I waited for them to send me back, my now refurbished, Nintendo Wii U console.


So here is the problem. My freaking Assassins Creed 3 game is stuck in the broken system, and no matter how hard they tried, Best Buy Geek Squad could not get it out.

Nintendo will reimburse you. We cannot, you did not buy the game with us.

I head back home and embark on the journey of getting Nintendo to solve the issue. After all, it was their console that broke and ate my game. Best Buy is not at fault, although I wish they offered a solution to getting me my game back once the system was sent to the manufacturer.

Nintendo refuses to reimburse me, what they do however suggest is the most ridiculous slap in the consumers face I have ever received.

Nintendo will not reimburse me, however their solution is this. They want me to drive back to Best Buy, retrieve my broken system. Mail it back to them, wait 2 weeks for a repair, and then and only then will I get my game back.

Absurd. It was my right as a consumer to exchange the system within 30 days, but little did I know that an imaginary disclaimer would read, 'If your game is stuck, you are out of luck.'
I am left with no choice but to take it up with the BBB and possibly the state attorney general.

Hold On Did You Say BBB?...

Only then does Nintendo cut me an offer, I smile at the fact that a slap with BBB seemed to have an ill effect. Then I realize I'm not being cut a deal, I'm being offered the choice to purchase one of Nintendo's brand of games.

But no, not for free. For a discount. A discount that they will not disclose until you agree on a title.
So would you prefer some pathetic party game or Ninja Gaiden 3?

I took neither. I'm at a loss. My last and final attempt with Nintendo will occur when they decide to call me back. My guess is never. I am in shock at how poorly this issue was solved. My brand new system still resides in the box. At this point, I cannot even look at it. I am truly considering throwing it up on ebay for auction, and wiping my hands clean of Nintendo.

So my warning to other Wii U gamers who end up with a bricked system, do whatever you can to get the damn game out, without voiding your warranty.

Or, send it off to Nintendo. DO NOT, and I repeat, do not, return it to the store where you purchased it. You can kiss your $60 title goodbye!

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