Sunday, July 13, 2014

Review of Sims 3 Seasons, Expansion Pack for PC

For years now I have begged and written in numerous Sim fan forums about how badly I wanted EA to focus on giving our Sims a more community like feel, with carnivals, events, and holiday gatherings that would take place in town square. Similar to Nintendo's Animal Crossing.

Granted the Sims are nothing like Animal Crossing, it irritated me that such a simple basic game like that could offer a more community atmosphere than my Sims games could in an open world on a PC!
When EA released Sims 3 Seasons, it felt as if the developers had read every word, every plea I had ever had for my beloved game. Finally I got everything I was looking for. Right down to being able to finally swim in the freaking ocean!

What The New Expansion Pack Offers:

The Sims 3 Seasons packed in all 4 major seasons which rotate according to your own preferences. You can adjust how long each season will last in the options tabs.

During the summer months, your Sims can go to the beach, get a tan or sun burn, and host pool parties. At the very last day of every season, a community event will take place in the new town park. This park is a magical place and it rotates and it decorated with each passing season, according to the season. At this community event you will find an onslaught of new things for your Sims to do, from carnival games, to rides, and new postcard picture booths.

During the fall season, your Sims can visit the park to pick pumpkins, and later bring them home to care them. It added a real sense of family tradition to the game, which I appreciated.

During the spring season, your Sims can visit the park to hunt for east eggs that will be hidden around the area.

The charm is there all right, but after cycling through all 4 seasons a few times, visiting the community park got somewhat repetitive.

However things added that really lit up my world was the fact that the fun did not just end at the community park, the Seasons expansion pack added a day for your children to go trick or treating in the fall. Teens can play pranks like lighting bags of poo on fire on the front porch of their victims, or throwing eggs.

Besides just that, the fall season also allows you to host festive dinners, similar to Thanksgiving. During this event, those Sims invited to the party will bring plates of food to share at the table. I found this little extra to be endearing.

The summer season is probably the most recognized one in the game, as the summer season has not been changed in years since the release of the game. I truly wanted to just quickly hurry through the summer season, but I was glad I didn't.

The summer season adds a quirky new twist where your Sims who are outdoors for too long can either get a sunburn or a tan. They also can now swim in the ocean, and host pool parties. The community park also hosts a summer event according to the season.

Winter months of course bring in the snow, giving your Sims a holiday gift giving party, and other really fun new additions that deal with the winter season.

What I liked in particular were the new winter seasonal outfits that your Sims will change into when they go outside on cold days. We saw this in the Sims 2 already, but it was a feature we missed!
The addition of being able to click on any house in the neighborhood and add Christmas lights to their homes was probably my favorite addition to the game, and it really allows neighborhoods to sparkle and twinkle at night.

In the spring season, the Easter egg hunt takes place in the community park, as well as an array of other fun things for your Sims to do. Like kiss a girl at a kissing booth! A dunk tank would have been cool to see.

All in all the Sims 3 Seasons by far added the most and newest element to the game since it's release years ago, This is an expansion that should have taken place many years ago, but even with its very late arrival, I am happy with it. It is what we have been waiting for. And now that EA has given us what we wanted, I am sure the news of Sims 4 will soon follow.

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