Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Water Toys for the Big Boys Surfjet, Hydroglider, Aquaskipper... Summer Water Fun Just Keeps Getting Better!

Seriously why does just about every single place that sells water toys only include toys for pint sized people? I'm talking about the little kids. I mean heck, we all love kids, but what about the people that had them? What water toys are made for us that we can tote to the beach and not get laughed at?

While looking for something cool for my boyfriends upcoming birthday, I began to think about what he likes. He likes water, he likes summer, and he loves surfing. But alas, how many frigging surfboards, or fins can I buy the guy?

While researching this area of likes, I came across quite a few impressive things. Things most folks probably don't even know about. If I saw someone playing with one of these water toys I'd be drooling, jealous with envy.

I'm not talking about lame garbage like cup floaters, or inner tubes for adults, or lame island raft floaters, I'm talking water toys for big boys!

So here it is, a list of water toys for the big boys!

1. The first super ultra mega cool water toy that I came across goes to the AquaSkipper.
This odd looking tarantula of the sea does not use motors or gasoline. This grasshopper of the sea simply requires you to hop to get it gliding across the water. Click here to view the AquaSkipper.

The skipper comes to roughly around $499.00 or less.

2. The makers of AquaSkipper don't just stop there.

Say you have a surfer in your life who loves to surf, yet never seem to encounter good surfing days, or decent waves. Who says you need waves to surf. The geniuses over at Inventist, Inc have created the HydroGlider.

The HydroGlider is a motorized surf board that you can take out into the most wave-less of places. Consider it surfing in a calm lake. No need for waves...just you, the board, and the speeds of up to 25mph.

Click here for more information on the Hydroglider.

3. Hydroglider's are not the only water toys for big boys, for an even faster ride you can go out and get yourself a SurfJet. Although the SurfJet has a much larger asking price, the fun will last for years, and the looks you will get by sand-bound onlookers will tickle your surfing ego.

SurfJets range in price though. You don't have to spend $3,000 on the newest models. You can pick yourself up a decent older model in the $600 range. For newer SurfJets though, click here.

For more affordable used SurfJet be sure to check this forum out every so often for people listing their SurfJets for sale. Click to be taken to forum.
4. The Surfango - PowerSurf FX is similar to the SurfJet, and it definitely deserves a spot on the water toys for big boys list.

To check out the Surfango - PowerSurf FX, click here.
5. Last but not least I had to add the UltaNautics Wet Bike.

Consider this sweet gem the motorcycle of the sea! Click here to learn more about this awesome water bike.

Summer is just a few months away, so don't be stuck at the each without at least one of these gnarly water toys! Fun at the beach has gotten even cooler!

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