Friday, July 18, 2014

Jersey Shore, Season 2: Episode 5 Recap

Since the Jersey Shore, Season 2 began nothing really all that entertaining has gone down. It's been a routine season with Sam and Ron fighting, making up, breaking up, and Vinny, Pauly and Mike going out on the prowl for women. Some episodes they score, others who knows?

At any rate, the drama is finally starting to heat up; let us just hope it stays that way.

In episode 5 we begin the episode with JWOW squishing her big boobs together only to watch them fall. Squeeze, fall, squeeze fall. It's almost as if she's contemplating a breast lift, or squeeze?

Next we head on over to Snooki who is on the phone with her cheating boyfriend Emillio. They end up getting into an argument because Emillio seems jealous that she was out partying with 2 gay guys. He gets her back by saying he is going to go out with 2 lesbians. It seems this couple is doomed, and they end up breaking up. Phew, thank God.

The fun part though happens after the phone call when Snooki has some one on one time with just the camera. I nearly peed my pants laughing when she went on about how loyal she has been to the kid. Hmm... I guess she forgot about that night when Vinny did the unthinkable. Haha!

Next we head on over to the guys, Vinny, Pauly, and Mike who end up scoring with 4 chicks at a club. They end up bringing them home, and plotting out a way from keeping all of the girls from knowing about one another. In the end, there are 4 girls, 1 for Vinny, 1 for Pauly, and 1 for Mike. The grenade Mike rudely leaves in a bedroom while he bangs the grenades friend. Yay.

Now while all of this is going on, we don't see Ronni or Sam yet. I was under the impression though they were upstairs, Sam pouting in bed about whatever it is Ron may or may not have done.

Sam spends a lot of time in bed this season, it's actually sort of gross.

At any rate, the following morning is when all the heat goes down. The night before Snooki and JWOW planted the letter in her draw. The letter is basically an anonymous confession about what Ron has been doing behind Sammi's back.

Snooki and JWOW however are not home that morning to watch the drama unfold. Sam asks around the house, and shows the letter to everyone asking them one by one if what is in the letter is true. Everyone plays dumb, except for Vinny who admits that some of the stuff in the letter is true.

Sammi gets a phone call from JWOW. JWOW called the house hoping to get ahold of Angelina to ask her if Sam found the letter. Instead Sammi picks up, and she asks her if she wrote the letter. She and Snooki deny having any part of the letter, and act as dumbfounded as possible.

At breakfast, while Sammi gets up from the table, Vinny tips of Ronnie of the letter. Ronnie doesn't finish his breakfast, instead he goes upstairs to face the heat. Ronnie is convinced that either Snooki or JWOW wrote it.

As usual though, Sam and Ron end up fighting about it, and Ron comes clean with most of what was in the letter. Sammi cries, and they end up breaking up again.
Ronnie clearly is not interested in the drama, or attempting to fix things, so instead he makes his way over to the beanie chair, and makes a phone call. Some chickadee back home.

Sammi makes one last lame attempt to butt in, and act upset. She knows though she has gone over her limit, and instead of just telling him to piss off, she tells him she is always there for him. It's really, really pathetic. In fact, so much so that I'm hoping her air time, and Ronnie's is just cut off. Snooki as of right now, seems to be the only cast member left worth watching. Well her, and Pauly D, because I like looking at him.

So that is basically a wrap.

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