Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Jersey Shore Season 3 Episode 6 Recap: Should We Just Break Up?

Finally, finally, finally we watch as Sammi cuts Ron loose... well, not really, she is sort of dumped due to her foul behavior, consistent nagging, and making every move Ron makes an issue, and a fight.
I guess she overstepped her boundaries. She pushed him too far and finally he cuts her loose. Being the drama queen she is, she asks him if they should just break up, and more than likely she was expecting a different answer, but instead he says yes, they are finished, done, over! Sammi follows him telling him she needs closure. Wow, can she grow any more insane?! I am beginning to think she likes the make up, break up routine, but this time it seems he is pretty much done with her garbage.

Anyhow, let us rewind back to where it all began. We pick up episode 6, where we left off with last weeks episode, after JWOW and Sammi make up in some club. The gang seems all happy, they are whole again, and everyone is in good spirits with one another.

Then we head back home, where Sam asks Ron if she wants her to heat him up some food, as he is drunk. He says yes, and stumbles up to his room. She brings him food, and instead of eating it, he spits at it. It was gross, but funny nonetheless. What happens shortly afterward is not so funny. Ron pukes, Sam comforts him, and all is well. Gross, but well enough.

The camera pans on over to Snooki, whom never made it back to her bed. She is on the floor with her head next to a wee wee pad in the dogs lair. That's right, no less than a few inches from her head, is a puddle of piss on a wee wee pad. JWOW finds her there the following morning.

The following morning though, Snooki being woken from her drunken sleep is not the only foul thing to occur. Ron heads to the bathroom, and discovers that his butt is bleeding. Now, I'm guessing its from all the Xenadrine, but low and behold, it is due to his excessive drinking. I am sure mixing diet pills with alcohol is not such a great idea either.

At any rate, Sammi escorts him to the doctor, where he is probed. Why MTV needed to go this far and invade on his privacy is beyond me. Maybe there was a lesson to be learned. Don't drink and fist pump too often, and take diet pills on top of it...? Maybe? Hmm...

Anyhow, before heading off to a sex shop, JWOW and Snooki are filmed in a pharmacy where Snooki hops onto a toddlers tricycle and breaks it, not before of course riding it around. It was creepy how comfortably she seemed to fit on this toddlers bike. The handlebars break off, she jams them back in, and they walk out laughing.

Next we follow them over to the sex shop where Snooki, JWOW and Deena try on ridiculous sexy outfits. JWOW wins with her choice, while Snooki opts for some baseball sexy uniform that made her look more like a large inflated baseball than a sexy ball player. Denna ends up with... well... I don't recall. She is just not that hot to me, so I didn't bother really looking.

Later on that evening we peek in as Ron gets a phone call from a friend back home. This friend is coming up to visit him that night, and naturally Deena ends up hooking up that night. Deena is not the only shorty getting lucky that night though, Snooki meets a guy named Jeff whom she thinks is her perfect match. He is fun, hot, and everything she has been looking for in a guy. Snookers though gets her period, so there is no smooching that night for her.

The following morning Snooki asks Jeff to spend time with her on the boardwalk. Quickly into their fun day together she learns he may, or may not be engaged. As it turns out he has a girlfriend who he gave a promise ring to. I'm not sure how far I believed his story, and neither did Snooki. She ends up huffing and puffing and walking away back home.

Jeff continues to call non-stop, and Snooki ignores every call. Pauly D frustrated with the phone buzzing, picks up and pretends to be an answering machine. Jeff apparently is not too smart and actually goes on to leave a message for Snooki. The entire scene was just hilarious.

Anyhow, that following night everyone is getting ready to go out clubbing again, and they are all downstairs waiting for Sam and Ron. Ron skips out on going, and Sam cannot seem to pry herself from him for a night out alone, as it is clear he wants to be alone. Instead of just accepting those signals she decides to stay behind to pester the last bit of sanity out of him. I mean damn, girl, give the guy a break, he just had his ass violated!

She continues on with her, 'what did I do' antics. While he rolls over and ignores her.

Meanwhile we fast forward to the club where Pauly D, yet again runs into the stalker from last season, and clearly keeping marks on her stalker nickname territory. She is at the same club, stalker Danielle.
She has a friend fetch Pauly for her, and oddly enough he decides to play along. He goes over to her and says hi, she apologizes for throwing a drink at him a few episodes ago, and he, bravely asks her to go back to the house with him.

He has a plan though, and that is to put on the shirt that she made for him 2 seasons ago. 'I Love Jewish Girls', to add to the embarrassment of her being there.

Vinny spots her and is amazed she is in the house, and all of the guys go in for petty jabs at how much of a stalker she is. It was pretty funny, and clearly she just does not get it. I couldn't help but laugh, and then feel sorry for the girl.

Anyhow, back upstairs Ron and Sam are still arguing, but this one does not go on for long. He ends up pretty much dumping her, and she chases after him telling him she needs closure. I know what type of closure she was looking for though, for him to say he made a mistake and to kiss her or something of that style... meanwhile she gets dissed.

We end it there.

Next week we see how psychotic she can go when she attempts to get him back by acting like a floozy with other guys in front of him in a club. Jokes on her though. Man oh man.

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