Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Megan Hauserman Gets Her Own Spin Off Show on VH1: Trophy Wife

Does anyone even know who Megan Hauserman is?
  I'm sure plenty of you know who she is, only you are probably not all that familiar with her last name.
Megan Hauserman has been on many VH1 reality shows. She was in Beauty and the Geek, Rock of Love, I Love Money, Rock Of Love Charm School, and soon to be in her very own reality show Trophy Wife.
Although she failed every other reality show she has ever been in, she really cannot fail here, because Megan is looking for love. Not just some sappy relationship with some random dude either, Megan is looking for a millionaire.

Now if you have less than a million dollars she states to not even bother trying to become a contestant. Megan is looking for a rich guy to steal her heart, and to feed her all the riches she desires.

Megan Hauserman must have an awfully big ego though, because the prize for the winning contestant is her. Don't get me wrong, Megan Hauserman is hot, but she is almost tipping the scales into MILF territory.

Shes got a nice body, and looks fantastic in a bathing suit, but for real she should work on those odd marks all over her chest. It looks like sun spots, or small dried out lizard scales.

Anyhow, I suppose VH1 thought her comment to Sharon Osbourne was believable enough to give Megan her own show. Sharon had asked Megan what she planned on being in life, and Megan's answer was to not work, and to be someones trophy wife.
Thus the new reality show, Trophy Wife.
In my opinion it will likely be a good show, it will show an entirely different side to Megan Hauserman.

In nearly every reality show she was in, she somehow ended up becoming the witty evil silent attacker. She could play a dumb blond role well, but she really was very sneaky, convincing, and manipulative. In turn I fell in love with her due to her being such a silent killer. Besides, every show needs a villain, and Megan Hauserman seemed to play the best one. She was likable, but evil all at the same time. No one really ever saw her coming till it was too late.

I knew that eventually VH1 would see the potential for a spin-off when it came to Megan Hauserman. In fact I believe I may of even mentioned hoping they would give her one in an older article.

Anyways, eat that Sharon Osbourne.
For those who haven't followed, Sharon Osbourne, the shows main judge of Rock of Love Charmed School, attacked Megan Hauserman on national TV during the reunion show. Guess Sharon couldn't handle the job. Too bad for her. I guess Sharon could use some Charm School herself huh!? Poor thing!

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