Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Want Free Stuff? BzzAgent May Be for You! Who Wants Some Free Stuff?

I am always on the prowl for freebies, even if they are stupid little samples of lotion, perfume, or granola bars.

However, one can grow tired of adding in their addresses every time you want to request a free sample, and even after all that work (yes it does after all require work) sometimes the companies don't even send you the free sample you spent 10 minutes adding in your information. Is all that time really even worth the one time use wrinkle cream?

I'd say no.
So I decided to take my search to the world wide web, I figured somewhere out there I'd eventually come across a legitimate place that would offer me free things. Forget samples, I wanted the whole enchilada.

I came across a few sites, some legit, and others were just a waste of time, and required me to buy something in order to 'get something'. I wasn't looking to spend though.

Eventually I landed at

This website seemed simple enough. All I had to do was sign up to become a BzzAgent, and wallah sit back and wait for the free offers to come in.

In return of course I had to work, but in a way the work asked of me was simple, and something I would do anyway.

Every time Bzz sends me something, they simply request a Bzz Report.

How do you make a Bzz report? Well it is simple really. Before bothering with writing up a report you first must promote the item they sent you by telling other people about it.

Take not of the conversation you are having with the person you are mentioning the product to, and then come back to Bzz to make the report.

If for instance the person you showed the item to, liked the item let Bzz know. If they didn't like it, let them know that too.

Is there any other catch?
Nope, not really. However, there are a few things you may want to know before signing up.

Recently BzzAgent has been sending me offers for free things, only the item is not free. Sometimes Bzz asks if you want to pay an extremely discounted rate for the item.

I always skip on these offers because I certainly don't take the time to write Bzz Reports about something I had to pay for.

Now if you get a 100% free item from Bzz, don't turn it down because Bzz does reward their agents. With every Bzz Report you submit you will get anywhere from 30 to 50 mypoint points, which can be used to buy gift cards, amazon e-certificates, and so on.

In the end you sort of get double rewarded. A free item, and MyPoints!

So far for absolutely free from BzzAgent I have gotten a Logitech Harmony One Universal remote, which retails for around $200. I've gotten a flame-less candle with 4 refill scents, which retails for about $20 combined.

I've also Bzzed about other things, however there was no freebie item associated with the item. Sometimes they ask you to Bzz about websites.

I've also raked in close to 1,000 MyPoint points, which I plan on cashing out soon for an Amazon e-certificate.

There are other ways to get freebie items on BzzAgent as well. If you participate in the Frog Pond (at the frog pond you pretty much view websites, and then give a short opinion on the website) sometimes the website will send you free candy, or gift cards for providing feedback on their site.

How Often Will I Get Free Things?
It is very random with BzzAgent, and it's primarily what disappoints me most. It is said that the more you participate, the more likely you will get an offer to participate in a Bzz Campaign. I have however spoken to a few BzzAgents who claimed that since their tier level went up, the campaign offers have subsided dramatically?

It is also said that Bzz pairs you up with freebie items based on past surveys you may of taken on their site in the survey section.

For me though, the pool of Agents chosen vs those not chosen is still a little mind baffling.

At any rate though, I have been a member of the site for close to 2 years now, and have not gotten all that many offers for free things. I have only received 2 things that were 100% free. I get offers for discounted items, but I never participate in spending just to Bzz.

Regardless though, if once every 2 years I receive a high end $200 electronic gadget, I'm happy enough.
It can't hurt to try it, so go ahead and try it. You can sign up at It is 100% free to join, so really there is nothing to loose.

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