Thursday, July 17, 2014

Modernize the Look of Your Home by Using Your IPad as a Digital Photo Frame

The iPad is cool, like ultra cool. You have thousands of applications to mess around with, some useful, some just for fun. However many users simply turn their device off the moment they are done using it.
Why though? I mean if you already own one, you may as well put it to use and one use in which many users of the iPad overlook is their photos, which they have stored on their iPads.

How Do You Do It?
It is really easy. Any pictures you have on your iPad can be displayed on the screen in a slide show manner. Instead of just viewing them yourself in a slide show mode, you can flip on your iPad whenever you have guests and let the slide show run.

You can email yourself any photographs as well which you may want to add into your slide show. I like changing my photos up according to season, and creating a slide show with the appropriate season in mind is done easily with the iPad.

What About The Cord, Won't It Show?
Many have stated that yes, the iPad is very cool when used as a digital photo frame, but how do I hide the cord. Hiding it is done easily enough if you plan on just keeping the iPad up in a stand, and keeping the wire to the back of it, however for those of you looking to hang the iPad on a wall for a really neat home accent, you will have to run the iPad off of its battery. Granted the battery will drain over time, you will get quite a few hours of use with it while running on the battery. Once the battery runs low, you can recharge it, and then place it back on the wall.

How Do I Hang It On The Wall In My Home Though?
This little device called The Wallee is exactly what you are looking for if you are looking to hang your iPad onto the wall for using it as is, or for using it to display your photo slide shows.

This nifty and handy device allows you to easily hang the iPad to your wall, safely and securely.

Granted you should not run out to buy the iPad solely for the purpose of using it as a digital photo frame for your home, as there are plenty of other digital photo frames for a fraction of the cost. However if you already own one, or are looking to own one, why not put it to its full potential! It's neat, it adds a modern accent to your home decor, and hello, it just looks awesome. The screen is simply stunning.

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