Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Most Popular Celebrity Haircuts for 2009

Ah celebrities; we love them, we hate them, but deep down inside we want to be them...or maybe at least look like them. 
Some of the most desirable celebrities are not just desirable when it comes to their hot tight bods. Many celebrities have gone up in the fame scale due to the most bizarre reasons. Their hair!

Katie Holmes has always been the cute girl next door. However after she hooked up with Tom Cruise, her fame skyrocketed, not only because she had a bun in the oven, but because she got her hair cut into a bob.

Now bobs don't work for everyone, but for Katie Holmes, the look seems to compliment her quite well. It's sophisticated, and made her appear more mature.

Take a look at Katie's bob here. It's retro, it's stylish, and Katie brought this style back.

Her celebutot Suri also sports the same cut, and since Suri has sported this cut, mothers around the globe have been trying to mimic the toddlers attractive locks by giving their own children the bob cut.
Can you blame them though? Look at how adorable Suri looks here. Like momma, like baby. The duo is simply breathtaking.

Other celebs have managed to increase their fame by changing their hairstyle; take Nicole Richie for example! Remember the days when she was known as the wild child, with straight hair, filled with rainbow colored highlights? The look may have been interesting back in her wild days, but Nicole really pulled it together by hiring a new stylist, and sporting a new dew. She too cut her hair very short, sporting a more wispy type of bob cut. Click here to view.
Nicole though has changed over the years, and ever since giving birth to her beautiful daughter Harlow, Nicole is spotted time and time again sporting long beautiful wavy hair. She also sometimes finishes the look with a headband.

This look is pretty easy to achieve if you have long hair. If you rub a little bit of hair wax into your locks, you can also easily achieve a clean wavy look like Nicole's.

Another celebrity that really stole the limelight due to her hair is none other than the hair icon, Jennifer Aniston.

Remember the pin straight look that she began sporting on Friend's? Well after Jen had been seen wearing her hair this way, it became a huge hit, and every woman wanted the same pin straight look.

Achieving this style though is relatively simple. All you really need is a straight iron. Chi irons work the best! Straightening hair may take a bit of time though depending on how long and thick your hair is.

 Using a straight iron though is pretty much the only way you're going to get pin straight hair like Jen's.

Besides Aniston though, there are other celeb's that people have adored time and time again due to their mops on top. One of the newest fads is the longer lazy shaggy locks that many men in Hollywood have been sporting. Take Zach Efron for instance. He brings back the longer locks with style! Not only that it looks really sexy on him as well.

A new look that people have been going batty over goes to none other than the crazy vampire hair. Ever since the hit flick Twilight has hit theaters, people all across the world have fallen in love with the wild, crazy hair of the Twilight male stars. Take a look at these messy styles here.
For those looking to re-create the wild vamp hair, all you would really need to do is grow out your hair, add a few globs of sculpting hair wax, and wallah... wild messy hair.
Another very new look that is being called the 'in' trend is the big bangs look. Jessica Alba is seen recently sporting the big bangs, and although it is not for everyone, it is a very attractive look if you have the right shaped face for the look to work. A sexy starlet who sports this look is also Adrianna on the new 90210.
Celebrity's will always be marking the path to new trendy hair styles.

Achieving these looks are all pretty simple. A trip to the salon with a photo of the cut or style you want is all you will really need. However, as quickly as hair fads come in, they also fade out. Before you actually go through with getting your hair cut like Katie Holmes, or Jessica Alba, make damn well sure it is a look you can actually see yourself sporting long-term.

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