Wednesday, July 23, 2014

What to Do when Your Hair Looks Greasy, and You Don't Have Time to Shower

Ever have one of those mornings when you wake up, your hair looks like a greasy fast food mop, and you do not have time to take a shower because you have to rush off to make it to work in time?

I know I've had days like these, I actually have them more often than not, and I'm not embarrassed to admit it.

I get greasy hair; hell, I think everyone gets greasy hair one time or another.

Although I am not embarrassed to admit it, it is an embarrassing look to have to be stuck with for the entire day. When your hair looks ugly, you feel ugly. It's a rule of thumb, and it sucks.

There is however a few easy quick fixes that you can do to your hair to make it look less greasy looking without having to jump into a shower and be late for work.

One is the no shower shower spray. I know it sounds amazing doesn't it?
Well that's because it is.

Now it is not meant for you to intentionally skip showers, but for days when you don't have the time to shower, it makes for a killer quick fixer upper and it works like a charm.

Its called Ojon Rub-Out Dry Cleanser To Go, and it is available at Sephora.

It is meant to make unwashed hair look a little more presentable. It absorbs oils and breaks up chemicals within your hair.

Although it has a bit of a high potent sweet fragrance about it, it does do the trick, and is a lot faster and easier than jumping into the shower.

Another quick fixer upper for those who are not looking to spend $10 on the above product is to purchase some baby powder. You can find a huge bottle of it for like a dollar practically anywhere anything is sold.

A quick dash of some baby powder to your scalp will absorb nasty oils and make hair look cleaner, and not feel as bonded. The downside about baby powder though is that it tends to dull your hair color if you do not shake it out of your hair enough.

You have to also be very careful when sifting it into your hair, because baby powder spills from the bottle easy. Too much powder and you'll end up looking worse than you did before.

I have found that by sifting some into my brush and hen combing it into my hair works the absolute best when using the baby powder oil absorbing trick.

(Talcum powder also works well)
Last but not least, is to simply pull your hair back and tie it up into a bun or pony tail. It's the oldest trick in the book, but it definitely makes hair a lot less noticeable when it's full of grease. Whenever I pull my hair back on my more greasy days, I also spritz on some perfume. The alcohol in the perfume actually dries up traces of grease.

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