Friday, July 18, 2014

MTV; The Hills, Has Come to an End...And I Am Not Alone in Hating How it Ended

Thanks MTV, for ending one of your most popular shows with the stupidest ending ever. Granted many viewers of The Hills were aware at how fake and staged the show was, some of us still held on to hopes that possibly it was real, or some of it was real anyway.

Ending the entire show with Kristen and Brody Jenner though? Seriously? Bromance!? Seriously!?
Now if they wanted to pull the set away and pan out and show the world their show was fake, they could have at least had Lauren Conrad pop out of the background, or something of that nature. Maybe even Audrina, or hey, what about that fella Jason Wallerbeast?

At any rate I followed The Hills since the very beginning, and loved every episode, however the finale to the show sucked. Granted I liked how they panned out, and showed that the show was fake, I just wish it was done with different characters.

The fans are filled with questions, and they are not getting any answers. A lack of answers though just means that viewers will no longer tune in to ANYTHING MTV has to offer as far as reality goes. For being duped, I too am going to have to pass up their so called reality shows from here on out. It was a nasty trick, sort of like Blair Witch.

They may have gotten the ratings from this show, but I can pretty much guarantee ratings like The Hills won't come around anytime soon for MTV thanks to this foul end to a great 'reality' show.
Questions that linger include:

Were Audrina and Justin really in love?
Are Spencer and Heidi really married?
Are Heidi and Lauren really friends?
Is Stephanie Pratt really not drinking anymore?
Was Enzo really the neighbors kid?
Is Spencer really into crystals?
Did Lauren and Justin hook up?
Does MTV throw their main characters out of these lavish homes once the season comes to a wrap?
Where on earth did they find that gorgeous brunette LC look alike?
Is that Lauren Conrads clone?
Is that girl LC with different makeup and a wig?
If not, can we get a new show featuring that hot LC look alike?
She is hot. I'll watch it.

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