Saturday, July 19, 2014

Recap of The Hills, Season 6, Episode 5: A New Bird

This week in The Hills, Season 6, Episode 5: A New Bird, Kristen seems excited to be meeting up with Brody for lunch, but the moods turn from good to angry when she learns that Brody is possibly seeing other girls, and that he is actually dating a friend as of late.

Kristen's vicious eyebrow raises, and she gives him the nonchalant 'I don't care' speech. However it becomes clear that she cares, considering the fact that in last weeks episode they hooked up.

Later on we get to meet this mystery girl, whom I swear MTV searched the globe looking for the Lauren Conrad look alike...only more brunette.

Anyhow, before that we rewind back to Stephanie and Lo. Stephanie tells her she is ready to begin dating, and Lo decides to set her up on a blind date with her boyfriend's friend.

The date goes without a hitch, and Stephanie seems to really like the guy. She thought she would feel awkward going out and not being able to drink, but she held her own and came off as charismatic and sweet.

Kristen is still bothered by the news of Brody and some mystery girlfriend, and meets up with Audrina to discuss it. Audrina tells her to be on the guard when it comes to Brody, and not to get too attached to him, because in other words, the guy is a player. Kristen for some reason decides to not take her advice, and tries to call him. He of course, does not answer the phone. More than likely he is telling his mystery girl that Kristen is a psycho ex.

Basically that is exactly what is going on. We fast forward to Brody and the LC look alike, and its obvious the two are getting to know one another. He seems interested in her, but likely thats because she reminds him of LC.

Later on Brody is at the club sitting with his entourage, and his LC look alike in his arm. They look comfy, cute even... well she does anyway. He just looks...apeish.

The girls then begin to pile in around the same reserved area, Audrina and Ryan, (oh wait, he is a boy right?), followed by Kristen, Lo, and Bar girl Stacie.

Kristen says hi, and gives out her round of hugs, but does not even look at Brody. Brody calls her out for being rude and hugging everyone but him. She makes a dash by letting him know she can't fly over people to hug him or say Hi. She also says hi to his girlfriend LC look alike.

Brody could have just left it at that, but instead he throws out a comment about her rude introduction to his girl. Naturally this causes a riff between the two; a riff that flows on over to the next episode in the series.

Not much else goes on in this episode Audrina is relatively vacant on her role in this episode, but they make it apparent, that she and Ryan spend too much time together, and he has issues whenever she wants to go out with her friends.

Heidi and Spencer are also vacant from this episode.

Till next week.

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