Friday, July 18, 2014

MTV Should Give Mikayla, the Lauren Conrad Hot Look Alike Her Own Show

I have missed Lauren Conrad on The Hills, and now that The Hills has come to its final chapter, and final episode, I keep longing to see the beautiful Marsha Brady bombshell on my tube. I know LC won't be heading back to un-'reality' TV anytime soon, but MTV managed to find a darker, and equally attractive Lauren Conrad.

She goes by the name of Mikayla, and was introduced in the final season of The Hills as a very short lived love interest of Brody Jenner.

The world scratched their heads, and wondered if this new broad was LC in a wig, or Lauren Conrads clone, and mostly, how the hell did Brody Jenner find such a perfected LC look alike?

Well after seeing the final episode of The Hills, we came to the realization that the whole show was fake, and more than likely MTV went through great lengths to find this beauty. I am assuming Marsh Brady look alikes are in supply?

At any rate, fans of the show have been scrambling up looking for answers on where she came from, how they found her, what her last name is... and why on earth there are not more online photos of her, and if MTV could possibly spring up another un-reality show featuring the life of this lovely lady. They just need to Axe her odd blond friend that no one liked on The Hills.

Although fans are angry about how The Hills ended, I am pretty sure the only way MTV can redeem themselves would be to give Mikayla her own show. We know nothing about her, where she came from, or what she is doing in Hollywood, but we sure as heck would love some answers.
So MTV, hear us....Give us Mikayla.

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