Sunday, July 20, 2014

MTV, the Hills, Season 6, Episode 3 - Strike One Recap

Last night we were graced with the presence of episode 3 on season 6 of The Hills. Titled Strike One.
In this episode we meet up with Stacie and Kristen (I like thousands of others are still wondering how these two became friends), they are shopping at some porn/sex toy shop for a birthday gift for Brody.

Now when we hear that it is Brody's birthday, as fans, we begin to wonder if Lauren Conrad will be attending her friend's birthday. Well folks, she's a no show.


While shopping Kristen pokes some mild 'mean girl' attitude in her conversation regarding Jade, Brody's girlfriend. We learn that Kristen dated Brody way back in the day. Who knew!?
The next scene moves on to her and Justin at the beach, where Kristen invites Justin to go along with her. He accepts the invitation, and we are led to believe the two are together, dating, and all of that fake fun stuff. God they must have to pay her a wad of cash to hang out with that hairy chested beast.
Anyhow, back into Audrina's world. She is having lunch with Justin's best friend Derek! Yay! Derek seems nice, and seems like he could really treat her well. Sadly, we all know Audrina is not the brightest star in the sky, and that Derek is just the rebound guy to make Justin jealous. Yawn!!!!

Skipping ahead, we see Spencer and his old man friend shooting some golf in Spencer's back yard, when little Enzo *the annoying kid next door* takes it upon himself to join in. Spencer as usual is a douche-bag to the kid.

The Spencer/Heidi scenes are getting really lame. Zzzzzz....

Back to Kristen. She just arrives to Brody's surprise birthday party where she does her rounds of meeting and greeting some of the others at the party.

Brody shows up, yadda, yadda, and all of a sudden his mom comes into the picture, and while Kristen is giving Mrs. Brody a big ol hug, the conversation switches to how 'Brody would be so lucky to date Kristen.... or something along that line. At any rate, Jade is standing right there when his mom passes the comment. Ouch! I guess his mom does not like Jade very much...if at all. It was mean, but frankly no one knows what goes on when the cameras are not there.

Lo and Stephanie meet up with Kristen where they pry for information on Kristen and Justin. They ask her if she is dating him, and Kristen conforms that she is in fact dating him. Yay, gossip for Audrina!
Anyhow, the next blow to Jade comes pretty quickly, compliments of Kristen while Brody was opening his gifts from her.

It was not a front, Kristen really got Brody a sex whip and a dog collar complete with a leash.
She blurts out a comment in regards to the whip, and how its Jades, and how she has Brody whipped. Jade did not find the comment to be funny.

Before we know it Kristen is inviting everyone over to her place for an after party. Jade is pissed, and I can't blame her. She worked really hard at pulling together the party for Brody, and when he wants to just take off and go to an after party thrown by Kristen, she is fuming.

Jade walks away, Brody calls her a bitch in front of everyone. He throws more salt on the wound by telling her 'good, walk away, nobody wants you here anyway'.

Wow, smooth. Nice way to talk to your girlfriend. Ugh, I used to like him too. I thought he was a gentleman, but low and behold, those true 'spoiled little rich boy' colors came shining through.

Anyhow, Kristen is stood up by Justin, as he never arrives to the party. Brody continually asks where her man is, and she just shrugs.

Brody of course attends the after party, and Jade stays home. How convenient!

Brody and Kristen have a short stupid little conversation about love going bad. Yawn. You just called your girlfriend a bitch for throwing you a party and wanting to have a nice dinner with you- sweetie.
The comment seems to be more geared at Kristen than Jade, almost as if Brody is living down memory lane or something. Its too easy to see, and you don't even have to be a good observer to realize ow ridiculously staged it was.

Next we fast forward to Kristen and Stacie. Stacie is cozy on Kristen's couch (or they are living together, I've yet to figure it out) sipping on some sort of morning martini!? Kristen stumbles downstairs, where she yaps on about Justin not showing up to the party, and not answering her texts. She does not really care though, and it's pretty clear.

At any rate, she says 'Strike One', thus the title of the episode.

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