Friday, July 18, 2014

Top 10 Most Wanted Video Games for Fall 2010

Get your gaming thumbs on people, this fall 2010 will be delivering some of the hottest, and most wanted video games that gamers have been looking to get their hands on for quite some time now. As much as I love the summer season, I wish there was a fast forward button on time, because I would
love to get my game on as soon as possible.

So which video games are we talking about?
1. Halo Reach
This video game more than likely will be the top seller for the season, with fans of the game spanning from all over the globe. Halo Reach is scheduled for a September 14th release, and is also available as a Halo Reach legendary Edition, which is more pricey, but more than likely that will not stop fans of the game from grabbing it up.

2. Sims 3 Late Night
This game is anticipated to be one of the hottest top selling PC games for the fall season. It is really no wonder, as it will be the 3rd expansion pack for the long running collection of Sims PC games. This game will add a bunch of neat late night events for your bored Sims to attend. Rumor has it, this expansion pack will also add a new blood sucking twist to the Sims 3 game. Sims 3 Late Night is scheduled for an October 26th release.

3. The Sims 3 Fast Lane Stuff
Although this PC game is not necessarily a game, it is going to be one heck of a highly sought after title. For those who are not aware of what a stuff pack is, note that it is just a bunch of items for your Sims in the game Sims 3. The focus of course is going to be on cars. It is scheduled for a September 7th release.

4. EyePet
This really interesting game has been in the talks for ages now, and it one of the most talked about games so far due to the interesting little twist PS3 has given it. Basically the game needs the PS3 Eye in order to work properly. The game will come with one, or without one, but most Playstation fans already own an Eye, so purchasing the game early with another PS3 Eye is wasteful. Unfortunately the standalone version is being sold long after the bundle pack, which has managed to anger a lot of gamers looking to purchase the game. Greed tactics play a huge role in this one, and due to that, I am sure most will not buy it. At any rate, the entire game in general has confused many on why it was released in Europe and Australia already, and not here. Initially it was going to be made to be compatible with the PS3 Eye, and now from what we gather, a new Playstation Move device will also be up for grabs in fall 2010.

Confused? Yeah, we are too. The game looks cute as hell though, so who cares.

5. Spiderman Shattered Dimensions
Spiderman video games are always a priority of gamers. Each Spiderman game has delivered hot selling games, with really sweet game play, this version is surely going to deliver nothing short of awesome.

6. Dead Rising 2
As if the first title was not cool enough, they went and made another second game to add to the blood, guts, gore and fun. This video game is surely going to be a hot seller that flies off of shelves. It is scheduled for a September 28th release.

7. Fallout New Vegas

This video game is definitely going to be a priority for gamers worldwide. It is scheduled for an October 19th release and will also be available in a collector's edition.

8. Fable 3
Fable 3 is also scheduled out for fall of 2010. Fable 2 was such a popular video game, that it only makes sense to go and release a third installment of the game. It will hit local gaming shelves on October 26th.

9. LEGO Universe
Every LEGO game we get to play has managed to impress us; except of course the second installment of Indiana Jones LEGO. LEGO Universe however is scheduled to be released on the PC, so far there is no word about whether or not it will be made into a console game. At any rate on the PC it will be a massive multiplayer game, which I am not personally fond of, however I have yet to find a LEGO game I hated, hopefully this one will not be the first.

10. Call of Duty: Black Ops
You will have to wait till November 9th this fall to finally get your hands on this sweet most wanted title. Call of Duty video games have always been top sellers, and Black Ops will be no exception.
Fall is looking sweet, and this is just a handful of the great video game titles that you can expect to see on shelves this fall 2010.

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