Saturday, July 19, 2014

Recap of the Hills Season 6, Episode 3: The Elephant in the Room

I am sure everyone who has followed The Hills, can recall Enzo, the little boy who lived next door to Heidi and Spencer? Yeah, that annoying kid who Heidi played a role of adopt-a-kid. The one that Spencer could not be nice to for even a fraction of a second.

Well, in season 6, episode 3: The Elephant in the Room, Heidi is planning a birthday party for the kid, in her backyard. For once, I had to agree with Spencer: "Why can't the kids family throw him a birthday in their own backyard?"
Even with that said, the party must go on regardless. Heidi invites a few of her own friends to this birthday bash for Enzo, and Kristen gets an invite, as well as the rest of the Hills crew.

Brody shows up to the party oddly enough; naturally he has his entourage. They sit at the sidelines and talk about Spencer and how he is off the rocker and going insane. Brody can't blame him all too much though, because if you look around, there is a petting zoo in his backyard and Spencer is off in la-la land kissing a baby goat.

Fast forward to the fun drama. Holly shows up to the party, and while she is sitting with Heidi and Spencer she asks how the trip home went. Heidi tells Holly that the trip home was awful, and Holly tries telling Heidi that their mother was just shocked by her plastic surgery, and drastic changes. Due to Holly trying to stick up for her mother, Spencer who was not even part of the conversation jumps in and starts in at Holly saying that if she wants to defend that woman, that she can leave his house, and that she is not welcome.

They begin a verbal spat, and Heidi sits at the sidelines like an airhead.

Holly leaves, but the next day, or days afterward, she goes over to see Heidi and talk to her about Spencer's behavior. As they converse, Spencer walks into the house, and the bad vibes begin again. Holly and Spencer end up getting into a huge brawl. Heidi again, sits at the sidelines saying nothing.
Mutated mute?
Anyhow, this was probably the best drama we got in this episode.
With Kristen and Brody, its quite clear that Kristen still really likes Brody, and Brody for some reason has his eyes set on Audrina still, even though she is dating Ryan Cabrera.

We leave off there. Till next week!

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