Saturday, July 19, 2014

Recap of The Hills Season 6, Episode 4: This is Goodbye

This weeks season 6, episode 4 of The Hills (This is Goodbye) we meet up with Holly and Stephanie having a lunch meeting about Spencer and Heidi. Holly and Stephanie agree that they should just cut both of their sibling's off until they are normal again.

Meanwhile, Kristen and Heidi are also out for lunch, and Kristen begins to air her concerns about Spencer's toxic insane behavior. Heidi looks blank as usual, and tries to defend Spencer's abnormal lunacy. It becomes known that Heidi feels that she is no one without Spencer, by saying "Who am I without Spencer?"

Now I'm not sure if she means fame wise, or reality wise.

Anyhow, later on at a club Audrina and Ryan show up while a jealous Brody on-looks. But hey, that's what he gets for ignoring her last season after their unofficial 'hook up'.

He tries telling her that there were things he wanted to say to her, but she ignores his come on with an 'You want what you can't have'. It was hilarious...Brody burned!

Doing what most rejected men do, he went out looking for a rebound girl to make up for his rejection. Kristen! Perfect candidate.

He makes his moves on Kristen, and she lets him in. In her house that is, in her bed that is, in her skimpy belly shirt that is. Yup, that's right, Brody and Kristen hook up. Nothing beats the hilarious moment though when he walks out of the bedroom wearing one of her shirts. Haha! Belly shirt anyone?
Let's rewind a little bit though. Back to the club.

Spencer shows up and begins his toxic rage again on Brody and then Audrina in one failed swoop. Brody defends Audrina, but she is too busy stomping away after a comment Spencer makes about her after she asks him where Heidi was.

He talks to Brody about his controlling ways, and how he does not let Heidi watch TV, or go on computers, how she is out of the Matrix.

Later on the following day all of the girls meet up and discuss Spencer and Heidi. The final conclusion is that Stephanie is going to cut them both out of her life, and how it is not just Spencer, how Heidi is just as equally responsible for these riffs as well.

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