Saturday, July 19, 2014

Tips on Installing an Intex Frame Pool

It's getting hot out, and like thousands of others, installing an expensive in-ground pool is out of the question. Heck, even some above ground pools cost too much money to even take into consideration. Intex frame pools however are on a plane all their own, an affordable one! If you are thinking about buying an Intex frame pool, here are some tips on what you should do in order to install the pool properly.

-Higher priced above ground pools must be placed on a perfectly flat and even surface. This also rings true with the Intex frame pool, however you do not have to make perfect leveling adjustments to your lawn. Our Intex is a little bit sloped, but overall on a flat surface.

-When installing your Intex pool, make sure the ground is at least 90% flat, otherwise it could bust on one side.

-Have a partner help you set it up. Clicking the actual metal frame together is a real cinch, and will not even require tools, however in order to stretch out the pools liner you will want a little bit of help.
-When the pool is all set up, make sure that the bottom drain plug is not open, otherwise if you walk away, the water will slowly just leak right out on to your lawn.

-While the pool is filling with water, check on it regularly to make sure everything is coming out OK. The water levels should look even. If you notice too much bulge on one side, you will have to move the pool to a flatter area on your lawn.

-Make sure your yard is fenced in. I don't need to go into the dangers involved when it comes to children and pools.

-Always, and I repeat, 'always', make sure you remove the ladder from the pool after use. If God forbid a child in the neighborhood wonders into your yard, they will have a difficult time trying to get in without a ladder. Remove the ladder, and store it away from the pool each and every single time you are done swimming.

-Intex frame pools can last years, but they can also suffer a bit more wear and tear than a standard pool liner. Store your pool in the garage, or a shed. If you open it up again the following year, check for any holes. If you find holes use the pools included vinyl repair kit. If you lost it, go to a pool store and buy a new vinyl repair kit.

Our pool is 3 years old now, and had a hole ripped into it by a mouse. It repaired simply with the vinyl repair kit that came with the pool. Your best bet is to store the repair kit in a garage cabinet, or keep it in your purse. Its a small kit, and does not take up a lot of room, but it is very easy to lose.

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