Friday, July 25, 2014

Recap of Wizards of Waverly Place, Season 1, Episode 17: Report Card

Wizards Of Waverly Place has managed to become one of the numerous addictive television shows that I cannot stop watching. It centers around a family who's 3 children are wizards. Their father Jerry who was once a wizard (no longer though because he married a mortal) teaches his children different charms, potions, and spells in every episode.

When his children are to pass a particular wizard test, they get their results back. Everyone has gotten a passing grade except for Alex.

Alex attempts to hide her failing report card from her parents, but this is no ordinary report card, its a magical one, and no matter how many attempts Alex makes at getting ride of the report card, it keeps magically appearing.

When Alex is cornered and nearly busted she panics, and uses her magic to turn her parents into guinea pigs to spare herself some time to explain. Things turn South though as soon as Alex discovers that her parents have been mixed up with her pet guinea pigs.

As soon as the head master discovers that Alex is responsible for using her magic carelessly, he strips her of all of her magical powers.

Does Alex get her powers back? Do her parents get to become human again, or do they remain as guinea pigs?
Report Card (Season 1, Episode 17) was nearly the first episode I had ever caught on the series, and it was seriously the episode that managed to keep me hooked on the show. The episode was fun, taught a lesson, and is filled with fun humor and comedy scene after scene.

This episode, and every episode in my opinion is meant for children and adults alike. It has that awesome Sabrina the Teenage Witch vibe to it, that fans old and young alike will enjoy. There is nothing scary about Wizards Of Waverly Place, so even the youngest of youngins can sit down and watch this show.

All in all I would rate Report Card a solid 10 stars out of 10.

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