Friday, July 25, 2014

Recap of Wizards of Waverly Place, Season 1, Episode 9: Movies

I am in love with Disney's show Wizards Of Waverly Place. It's about an ordinary, yet not so ordinary family, seeing how the 3 children all are wizards. Their father was once a wizard, but his powers were taken away when he married a mortal. Seeing how he still has knowledge of magic, charms and spells though, he is able to teach his children.

Alex is the middle child, and most of the show surrounds her because she always seems to use her magic with a backfiring effect.

In the episode Movies (Season 1, Episode 9), Alex discovers that her older brother Justin has a new group of friends. Convinced that his new pals are nerds she seeks him out while he is hanging out with them. She discovers though that Justin's friends are all really cool, and they have a lot in common with herself.

Now wherever Justin goes with his new group of friends Alex seems to follow, and she even manages to get an invite to an R rated scary movie that Justin and his friends are all going to.

Alex though is told by her parents that she is not allowed to go to the movie, and that she should instead take her little brother Max out to do something together. Alex nearly passes the opportunity to hang out with Max, but instead she uses it to her advantage to get out of the house, and sneak into the movie with Justin and his friends.

Once she makes it to the theater though she finds out that Justin wasn't able to get into the movie because he is a minor. Instead of sitting out at the sidelines Alex decides to use her powers to put herself into the movie. Her plan though backfires because instead of attending the movie, she is now in it.

Justin finds out shortly afterward that Alex is literately stuck in a horror movie, so he places himself in the movie with her to try and save her from the monsters/killers!

My Opinion:
This particular episode, like all episodes I have seen so far was funny and extremely cute. Besides a fun plot, the story to this episode has a moral/lesson to be learned. Listen to your parents! Had Alex listened to her parents she'd never of gotten herself into this mess in the first place.

All in all it was a fun episode, and it was not at all scary, so young children can watch it without fear.
I recommend this series to just about anyone, young and old alike.
This particular episode grabs 9 stars out of 10 in my opinion

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