Friday, July 25, 2014

Recap of Wizards of Waverly Place, Season 1, Episode 7: Alex's Choice

Wizard's Of Waverly Place is probably my favorite teen/kid's show on the Disney Channel as of now. It is basically a show about 3 sibling's whom possess magical powers (they are wizards!). Like a modern day Sabrina the Teenage Witch; only in Wizards Of Waverly Place 3 children have powers, and not just one.

Alex is more the main character in the series, because she is the one who always seems to work up charms and spells that land her into trouble.

In Alex's Choice (Season 1, Episode 7), Alex (played by Selena Gomez) discovers that her best friend Harper has been invited to GiGi's tea party. Alex though is concerned because GiGi has never been nice to either herself, or Harper. Alex becomes suspicious of her friends invite, so she decides to use her powers to listen in and see what GiGi and her wicked sidekicks are really up to.

When Alex overhears GiGi making plans to do something nasty to Harper, Alex tries to warn Harper not to go to the tea party. Harper though does not listen, and thinks that Alex is jealous of GiGi and Harpers new friendship.

When Harper refuses to hear Alex, Alex decides to invite herself along to the tea party to make sure nothing bad happens to Harper.

While at the tea party, Alex of course uses her magic to have things turn on GiGi, and not on her best friend Harper.

Meanwhile as GiGi's tea party is turned upside down, at home Alex's two brothers Justin, and Max decide to make a prank wizard mail. They send out a fake HELP message, and before they know it, police from the other realm come searching for the boys thinking they need help only to find they have been pranked.

Overall, Alex's Choice is a top favorite of mine in the season so far. I loved the acting in this episode, and the humor that takes place at the disastrous tea party.

Wizards Of Waverly Place is a cute and wholesome show that I recommend to the young and old alike. A very family oriented show that I hope continues season after season.

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