Wednesday, July 23, 2014

VH1's I Love Money 2 Season Premier Recap

The money grubbing ex-reality stars are back once again to compete for $250,000!!!!

For those of you who don't know what I Love Money 2 is about, please read:

I love Money 2 is basically a compilation of past VH1 reality show losers. Some contestants from I Love New York, Flavor of Love, Real Chance of Love, and Rock of Love are all thrown together to live in a large mansion. Week after week they will compete against one another in order to get a chance at getting closer and closer to winning all of the money.

I Love Money 2 features two veterans from the first I Love Money. They included The Entertainer and Heat.

The show starts off similar to last seasons. The contestants must be split up into groups; however before splitting them up, they need team captains.

In I Love Money 2, each contestant must dive into a large pool full of stank mud. In the mud there are gold coins scattered throughout. Each contestant must dive in and gather up as many gold coins as they can. The two who manage to scoop up the most coins will be the team captains.

The team captains then will pick who they want on their team. Whomever does not get picked to be on anyones team will be the contestant sent packing.

20 Pack, and T-Weed managed to gather up the most coins in the mud, so they become team captains.
20 Pack seems to have no backbone of his own, so he actually has The Entertainer (who he appoints his General) choose the rest of the team.

The Entertainer seemed to think he ruled the rouse the moment he walked into the mansion. He somehow managed to get 20 Pack to become his little bitch, and to listen to every word he says.

At the same time, he also believed he had T-Weed on his side, when he told T-Weed to vote the largest and most competitive contestant off of the show. Buddha.

Unfortunately things don't go The Entertainers way, because Buddha is chosen to join T-Weeds team.
The contestant sent home this week was a girl I don't even recall from any shows, but supposedly she was a contestant on Rock of Love (Tamara). At any rate, this chick loses an arm wrestling match to Leilene, and is sent home for losing. Of course though she spats out a bunch of hatred to the remaining contestants, and the shows film crew before leaving. Or trying to leave that is.
I was glad though to see her go because it clearly looked like she forgot to take her head meds. The girl was whack.

At any rate, the seasons premiere started off pretty damn good, and it looks like a lot of drama, and some potential bloody fights will be going on in the house; especially seeing that Buddha is still in the game!

Let's break it down...

Gold Team
Team Capitan- 20 Pack (I Love New York 2)
His unofficial self appointed General- The Entertainer
Heat (I Love New York 2. Best known for his YaYa)
Angelique (Rock of Love 2. Best known as always going around in the buff)
Cali (Real Chance of Love. Best known for not stealing Chance's heart- but looking so sexy doing so)
It (I Love New York 2. Best known for his lack of understanding)
Prancer (Flavor of Love 3. Best known for wearing heelies in Flavs house)
Saaphyri (Flavor of Love 3/Charmed School. Best known for beating a girl up in Flav's house. Also won Charmed School)
Tailor Made (I Love New York 2. Best known for being a little wimp)

Green Team
Team Captain- T-Weed (I Love New York. Best known for lying about his net worth, and for having a weird growth in his inner thigh/crotch area)
Bonez (I Love New York)
Buckwild (Flavor of Love 2)
Buddha (I Love New York 2. Best known for smacking Tailor Made)
Ice (Flavor of Love 3. Best known for using the Flavor of Love show to promote voice?)
Leilene (Flavor of Love/Charmed School)
MILF (Real Chance of Love. Best known for being... a milf)
Myammee (Flavor of Love 3)
Onix (I Love New York)
1st eliminated contestant- Tamara (Rock of Love. Best known for possibly having turrets syndrome)

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