Sunday, July 20, 2014

The City, Season 2, Episode 4 Recap

This weeks episode of The City (season 2, episode 4) the episode took us into the dating world of Whitney. The whole entire episode was a bit odd, and fast played, but nonetheless a good episode.
Whitney's pal invites her along to some Lifeguard party, honestly I was not paying attention to what the event was, but while they are there they run into a few good looking (well they thought they were good looking, I thought they looked like deformed Ken dolls) fellows.

Whitney's pal invites the guys along to a BBQ, they accept the invite, and small chitter chatter goes on between Whitney and her friend about how cute the guys are.

Meanwhile Roxy is feeling snubbed, and chats about it at a local hot spot with a date. He tells Roxy to be nice, because its pretty clear that Roxy does not mesh well with Whitney's friends.

Olivia is still getting the cold shoulder from Erin (a fellow employee at Elle). It's honestly no wonder though, because if you recall from the very first episode, Olivia was in total bitch mode when Erin nicely critiqued her work. At any rate, it's really old news, and Erin is taking the whole 'I hate you' bit a little too far.

Me thinks Erin is jealous of Olivia, and it becomes quite clear later on at a small cocktail party for Elle.

Last week Olivia impressed her boss, while Erin yawned and had no choice but to suck it up...although numerous eye rolls were included. You could just see the resentment on Erin's face though, it was pretty hilarious.

Regardless though, Erin was as professional as one would expect, and Olivia walked on in as if she owned the place. Erin was not having it, and I don't blame her.

Anyhow, at the cocktail event, Olivia impresses everyone, is friendly, courteous, and seems to know everyone in the room already. Erin watches on with an evil eye, plotting, hating, and clearly disgusted by the entire thing. Erin excuses herself early on from the party in a rude manner.

Now at this point you can see the jealousy, but you think as a viewer that Erin will just suck it up, and her and Olivia will become the best of friends, and laugh about their raunchy start later on. Only...this never happens. More details later on.

Fast forward to a scene that takes place back at People's Revolution. Whitney and Roxy are sitting at their desks having casual conversation about the guy Whitney met, and likes. Roxy tells her to go for him, but Whitney is not sure she should because her friend might have a thing for him. Whitney for some reason...AGAIN....takes Roxy's advice, which is really making her look like a weak individual. Roxy got her into trouble just last week with the boss, so why Whitney would take anything Roxy says into consideration is beyond me?

The boss Kelly walks in and tells Whitney to stay late, and Roxy lets Kelly know that Whitney has a BBQ, and that she would stay late instead so Whitney could go meet a boy.

Whitney seems bothered by Roxy's jumping in that way. Not too bothered though because the next scene is the BBQ.

Back to Whitney and the BBQ.

The scene is short lived, and it becomes clear that Whitney is digging on one of the guys that were invited the previous day to the BBQ.

The next scene takes us to Whitney and this man having dinner together and walking out with arms wrapped around each others backs. A little too touchy touchy for someone you just meet Whit! Gez! At any rate, its obvious her friend will have an issue with this later on? Its anyone's guess though.
Anyhow, back to Olivia and the Erin battle.

Erin walks into Elle while Olivia is sitting down doing work. Erin smiles, but its obvious its got ill intentions behind it.

Erin asks Olivia how she liked the cocktail party, and Olivia is mild mannered and states she had a lovely time. Erin then asks her if she got to meet any of the designers. Olivia nicely tells her that she pretty much knew all of the designers there already.

Erin seems jealous by this, and her claws come out. She yaps on about how Olivia should have been working and not socializing. How she shouldn't have an attitude with her all of the time, and how she is there to help her, not fight with her.

I smell B.S.
Olivia gets up from her seat without saying a word, and exits the room. The exact same thing I'd have done. But alas, what comes around goes around. Olivia was the first to show disrespect, but then again, Erin acted as if she owned the place and had it out for her the moment she met her, passing judgments without even meeting her...Erin just happened to bump into a challenge, let's see which of these women can handle things gracefully.
So far I'm on team Olivia.

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