Thursday, July 24, 2014

The Hills, Season 4, Episode 16: You Did This (Recap)


The Hills were red hot last during last nights season 14, episode 16 run!!!

Now the events that unfolded have been in the news for weeks. Any Hills fan already is likely well aware of the Justin Bobby, Lauren Conrad hook up? Rumors running wild, denial, fighting and a slew of other negative nasty nasties right?

Well last night, fans got to literately watch this drama unfold as it happened in reality months ago.
The show starts off quite abruptly, with Audrina delivering a line I didn't see coming. Basically she;s sitting outside telling a co worker that someone named Dino told her an awful little secret about her boy Justin, and her (?) friend Lauren Conrad.

The secret of course was that Justin and Lauren 'hooked up'.

Immediately as a fan I saw this to be totally insane, and even more so insane that Audrina would actually believe it. Yet there she was, eating this rumor up as if it were true.

Audrina makes it a point (stalk?) find Lauren to confront her, and ask her if the rumors were true.
However before Audrina even gets to have a one on one conversation with Lauren, it is apparent Audrina made this news obvious to everyone else before Lauren. Lauren finds out Audrina had been calling other people in her circle of friends saying horrible things about her.

They two have their first face off at Laurens home, where little words are spoken, but it is quite clear Audrina has lost her mindzo. She leaves thinking that perhaps the rumor is true?

Justin Bobby has not been returning her calls, so Audrina makes up some fantasy in her mind that he is only avoiding her because the rumors 'must be true'!

Flip ahead and we have Audrina and Justin Bobby drinking together at some bar, where Audrina confronts him next. Justin surprisingly held his composure and handled her accusations in a mature manner. Audrina however seemed to already have her mind set that the rumor must be true. Besides why would Dino lie to her? (hah!)

So fast forward from there, and Audrina once again has yet another one on one with Lauren, where things end on an extremely horrible note. Audrina accuses Lauren of doing what she did to Heidi, to her. Lauren snaps back that she is 'way worse than Heidi', and kept spatting 'you did this!'
During her little spat Lauren throws out an insult at Justin Bobby that I found to be a little bit harsh and messed up. besides, Justing never did ANYTHING. His name was just assoaciated with the rumor.

Lauren really didn't have to go the extra mile by calling him disgusting, and making references to him being dirty.

(In fact, Justin Bobby has sort of grown on me, and his sleepy eyes are pretty damn sexy in my opinion. The Elvis dew though, has GOT to go)
Anyhow, Audrina walks off, and officially declares that she 'apparently does not know who she is'. (In reference to Lauren)

Lauren is left crying to Lo, and that is that. It seems that Lauren and Audrina are officially no longer friends. Something I saw coming since the end of season 3.

A quick after show sneak peek into next weeks episode suggests that Audrina and Lauren are going to make up, and move on. However you can never be to sure with The Hills, it could also mean Heidi and Lauren will make up? I mean, after all...why not? She did say Audrina was worse than Heidi, so Heidi definitely should have a shot at becoming friendly with Lauren again right?

The episode was quite catty, and Audrina's odd behavior made me seriously look at her in a whole new light. She seemed to be under some sort of crazed spell or something, not acting herself, and believing the most ridiculous rumor created by one idiotic person named Dino, whom no one ever heard of before, or saw before. I'd seriously like to see this Dino cat bring some light to the situation, because it seems the rumor was started just so he could make some headlines, which I'm sure he or she will.

Anyhow, moving on to this episodes after show. We learn here that Heidi has tied the knot with Spencer. Yep, they are officially married. It was quite unfortunate to see how much pain Heidi has put her sister though. Holly was nearly in tears when she discovered she was likely the last person to find out about her sisters secret wedding to Spencer.

Wow Heidi! You are becoming Spencer... ahhhhh!!!!!
At any rate though, it is sad to see this transformation. I used to love Heidi, she was once such a great person, and now she seems to be obsessed with fame and making headlines, so much so she managed to allow Spencer to fill her mind with hating on those who love her most. But she is in love with him, and he is apparently in love with her too. He just has a more...controlling way of showing his love. He may as well start planning play dates for her. You know to interview people who can, and cannot be in Heidi's life.

From my personal point of view: 

If some 'guy' ever made my mom cry, or talked to my sister the way Spencer has, he'd be dumped in a second, without any hesitation. But alas, Heidi seems to be able to put up with his ways... who done put the voodoo on you doo?

Then again, who knows, perhaps the two really are madly deeply in love, and Spencer's on screen behavior is just an act for good ratings. I mean it makes sense. There'd be no show, if there was no drama, and Spencer knows how to deliver some unbelievable lines! Still though, as I've said before, the show just would not be the same without our Speidi drama!

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