Thursday, July 24, 2014

Tutorial: How to Take Great Photos Using Your Camera Phone

I'm no professional photographer, but I can sure as heck easily tell a good photo from a bad photo in less than 2 seconds. Camera phones in particular have always been scrutinized for taking horrible grainy photos, or low lit photos. Most camera phones are lucky to have 3 mega pixels, mine in particular is a 1.3 mega pixel which many would consider garbage.

Of course the higher the mega pixel, the better the shot. However did you know I can take some pretty gorgeous shots with just a 1.3 mega pixel camera phone? It's true! In fact you can take photos so nice, that you would never think that the shots came from a 1.3 mega pixel.

Get Some Space!
Before getting all trigger happy on your cell though, my first word of advice would be to BUY a memory card for the cell that way you can store more photos and practice with taking pictures.
Practice, Practice, Practice Makes Perfect, Perfect, Perfect!
Practice makes perfect!

To execute a nice photo off of your cell phone is not as impossible as it seems. A few simple things to do and you will be shooting great photos instantly.

Clean That Lens Would Yah?
One major thing you can do when taking photos with your cell phone is to make sure your lens is clean! I have taken numerous shots with dust bits on my lens, that have made photos appear blurry, or whited out.

Lights On!
The next thing to remember while talking photos on your camera phone is to think about where you are. If you are not in a well lit room, you won't get a very good shot. The best photos I have ever taken on my camera phone have been outside on sunny days, or inside under very well light circumstances. If the room is too dark, my photos look bad and grainy.

Keep It Steady!!!
A lot of bad photos occur on cell phones due to the fact that the person taking the picture cannot hold the phone without shaking it. The key to a great cell phone photo is to keep your hand as steady as possible!

Stand Still Please!
The same stands true to the subject. It is best if the subject your are photographing sits as still as possible. Fast motions on such a low mega pixeled camera means blur or a distorted image.
If you have a steady hand, and your target is remaining in one place and not making any rash movements, you will be able to take a wonderful photograph.

Close Up!
I also find that excellent photos on a low mega pixeled camera phone come out best when you are close to the subject. Group shots from a distance have a slight chance of looking good, but not as well as an up close photo with one or two subjects.

At any rate though, capturing photo album photographs using your camera phone are not impossible. In fact, if you just remember these few simple steps, you will be taking great shots in no time.

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