Thursday, July 24, 2014

Wizards of Waverly Place, Season 1, Episode 4: New Employee You're Not the Boss of Me!!!

I have been following Wizards Of Waverly Place ever since the show began airing. I find the show to be completely addicting, a more modern Sabrina The Teenage Witch, only in Wizards Of Waverly Place 3 children posses magical powers.

Alex is the middle child, and the one who always seems to be getting into trouble. Alex is played by the lovable, and up and coming star Selena Gomez. Her older brother Justin is the overachiever, the one who always gets good grades, and never really lands himself into any trouble. In fact the troubles he gets into are always somehow tied to something his sister Alex has done. The youngest in the clan is Max. He is the fun, comical and adorable little guy who likes playing harmless pranks, while cracking jokes in nearly every scene he is in.

In New Employee, (season 1, episode 4) Alex thinks that it is a good idea to hire her best friend Harper at the families sandwich shop. Alex gets her parents to agree that Harper can work there.

Harper though proves immediately to be a failure at the job, from knocking down trays of food, to spilling things, and angering the customers. When Alex's parents tell Alex that if Harper doesn't shape up, she has to fire her. Alex instead though decides to use magic to transform Harper into an excellent worker.

Things go south though, because now that Harper takes her job so seriously, she wants to begin bossing Alex around. The results are pretty horrible, because Alex ends up firing Harper, and Harper takes it as a stab to their friendship. She tells Alex that she wants nothing to do with her anymore, and that their friendship is over!

This particular episode was fun, hilarious, touching, and loving all wrapped into one. It's the perfect episode for children and adults alike. Like with most Disney shows, a cute ending is always set in place, and it pleases the audience.

I'd rate New Employee 9.5 stars out of 10.

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