Friday, July 25, 2014

Wizards of Waverly Place: Season 1, Episode 12: Justin's Little Sister Invisible Brother!!!!!!

Wizards Of Waverly Place focuses on the lives of a family of 5. The catch though is that the 3 siblings, Alex, Justin and Max, all are wizards. Their father who was also once a wizard is their teacher when it comes to magic.

The Disney show so far has been fun, comical, and lovable all rolled into one.

In Justin's Little Sister (season 1, episode 12), Alex gets sick and tired of everyone comparing her to her smarter older brother Justin. From her parent to her teachers in school, everyone always tells her she should be more like Justin.

When Alex's father gives the children a lesson in Genies, she decides to use this as an advantage. She takes the genies lamp, and decides to make a wish. That people would stop comparing her to Justin.

Instead of granting the wish as she said it, the genie uses tricks and decides to make everyone forget Justin. Alex gets what she wants, but of course with consequences. Nobody remembers him. Not even his own parents.

Alex though made one big mistake. Instead of keeping the genie around for her remaining 2 wishes, she tells the genie she is free to go.

Justin now is completely forgotten. Alex wishes she could find the genie, and she actually appears to give Alex one last wish. Alex though once again manages to mess it up, and Justin now becomes invisible.

My Opinion:
This particular episode was adorable, and also taught a valuable lesson in sibling rivalry, and sibling love. All sibling's fight one time or another, but this episode actually gets one to realize how bad it would be had that sibling disappeared from your life. I especially liked Justin's Little Sister, and I recommend it to everyone. Especially those with a pesky brother or sister.

Overall this episode grabs a 10 out of 10 from me.

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