Thursday, July 24, 2014

Wizards of Waverly Place, Season 1, Episode 1: Crazy Ten Minute Sale

Crazy Ten Minute Sale was the very first episode of Disney's Wizard's Of Waverly Place. This particular episode was the first one I had ever seen, and the reason for my following of the series ever since.

What is Wizards Of Waverly Place? 

This children's series runs on Disney Channel, and re-runs can be caught every other day ensuring you don't miss a single episode. The show surrounds a family of 5, who's 3 children are wizards.

In Crazy Ten Minute Sale we meet the entire family, and we learn immediately that the children's father teaches his children magic, charms and spells. Justin is the oldest in the bunch, then comes Alex their daughter, and Max, the youngest in the bunch.

In this particular episode, their father teaches the children a duplication spell. Alex (played by Selena Gomez), is not entirely interested, yet when she hears that her favorite clothing store is having their annual Crazy 10 Minute Sale, her father tells her she cannot attend, because she cannot miss her wizards in training class. She immediately thinks that using the duplication spell will be beneficial.

Alex decides to duplicate herself! There is one small problem though with the spell. Although she is duplicated, her double does not speak or move. Alex figures that her father will assume she is giving him the silent treatment, so the spell would work perfectly.

Things however don't quite go as planned, because Alex's mom decides to go to the sale as well, and now Alex has to dodge her mother while seeking out a jacket without being seen. Not only does Alex have to dodge her mom, but she also has to find this particular jacket before her school enemy GiGi does!


Although this episode definitely sucked me in, it is not my all time favorite episode. Still though Crazy Ten Minute Sale opened the realm of Wizards Of Waverly Place, and managed to keep me viewing week after week.

Crazy Ten Minute Sale is not only funny, it also teaches a little lesson at the end.

I highly recommend this episode to families any age. It is fun for children, and adults will like it as well.

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