Thursday, July 24, 2014

Wizards of Waverly Place, Season 2, Episode 4; Racing

If you don't already know, Wizards of Waverly Place is about 3 children who all have magical powers. When they are not trying to live a normal life in school, the children are home learning new spells, and charms from their father, who was a former wizard.

The show was so popular during its first season run, that it is back once again for a season 2.

In Graphic Novel we all learned that Alex has a crush on Dean, and even though she was exposed and the truth was splattered out to the entire school, Dean didn't seem to pay much mind to it, especially seeing that Alex claimed it wasn't him in her drawings, and that GiGi was mistaken.

In the Racing (season 2, episode 4), Alex tries to think of a way to get some alone time with Dean to tell him that she likes him a lot. She also wants to desperately know if he likes her back.

Alex tries and tries again to get some alone time with him, but every time she does, his large group of friends always seem to be with him, or they manage to interrupt at every given opportunity.

While listening in on a conversation Dean is having with his friends, she learns that they need a car to race in an upcoming race derby. Alex immediately volunteers her dads broken down car that is in their garage. She tells Dean he can fix it up and use it in the race, the catch though is that he has to work on it 'alone' because the garage is too small. Alex thinks that now she will finally get some one on one time with him.

As usual though her plan does not quite the way she wanted it to, because quickly her father manages to include himself in the car restoration project, and Alex once again gets no time with Dean alone.

As a last resort during the big race, Alex transports herself into the car Dean is racing and tells him how she feels.

Then something super cute happens! I won't ruin it, you will have to watch the episode to find out!

Racing was probably the cutest episode I have ever seen Wizards Of Waverly Place deliver. The ending was superb, and even though this episode was semi gushy, the show still managed to add in some good laughs.

Racing is a solid 10 star episode in my opinion!

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